The Venom villain will apparently be…… Carnage ???

Just when Sony seemed to have gotten something right, they go ahead and FOX it all up again. Carnage will apparently be the villain in the upcoming Venom movie……FFS

Now Im a fan of Carnage, don´t get me wrong here, but having him as the villain in the first Venom movie is in my opinion a huge mistake. I don´t know what the run time is on this film, but I know cramming in Venom´s and Carnage´s origin into a single film will result in a fucking mess. And I can only guess that they intend to have their origins be connected. That both Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady will gain their symbiotes at the same time, thus messing up both their origins in one foul swoop.

The comics had the symbiote find Eddie Brock on the verge of suicide after it had been forced to split from Peter Parker. After defeating Venom with the aid of the Fant4stick ,Eddie was sent to jail where he shared a cell with the murderous Cletus Kasady.

When the symbiote broke Eddie out of jail, it also unbeknown to Brock “gave birth” or spawned a new symbiote, which bonded with Kasady to create Carnage. But forget all that, cause it ain’t gonna happen.


In other news, producer Amy Pascal has now said that the Venom, and Black Cat/Silver Sable movies will indeed take place in the same “universe” as their Spider-Man, who also is in the MCU , but Venom and Black Cat / Silver Sable are not in the MCU so aaahhhh FUCK IT !!!!!!

As for who might play the red headed killer Cletus Kasady ,Conor Mcgregor would have been nice, but they will likely cast someone like Eddie Redmayne ?  Who knows…..