Horror Fantasy Film Errementari Looks Wicked


Horror Fantasy

Check out this cool new trailer for Errementari : The Blacksmith and the Devil. The Spanish horror fantasy film is directed by Paul Urkijo Alijo, who is making his feature debut. The screenplay is by Paul Urkijo Alijo and Asier Guerricaechevarría.

Errementari tells the story of a blacksmith on the outskirts of a small town, who “might be” possessed by the devil. A government commissioner investigates the blacksmith, while an orphan girl named Usue manages to sneak inside the blacksmith’s place in order to discover the truth.

Errementari Poster

Errementari stars Kandido Uranga, Uma Bracaglia, Eneko Sagardoy, Ramón Aguirre, José Ramón Argoitia, Gorka Aguinagalde, Josean Bengoetxea, and Iñigo de la Iglesia. Looks pretty wicked to me.