Tomb Raider Movie will undergo massive reshoots due to Jumanji costume outrage.

The Social Justice Feminazi Warriors found their next target in british actress Karen Gillan.  When a picture of Gillan and her Jumanji co stars was released online, the SJW came out in force to shame the actress due to what they called among other things “nonsensical jungle attire” , “Skimpy”, “Slutty” and “Degrading” . The Verge called the outfit simply ” Stupid”


The explanation for the outfit was made clear when the first footage of the film was released during CinemaCon. The plot involves four high-school kids who while cleaning out the basement of their school find an old video game (unlike the board game in the original version of the movie ) and each chooses a character to play. The teenagers become the characters they selected, leading a nerdy boy to become The Rock’s character and a popular girl to become Jack Black’s character.

A more shy, reserved teenage girl ends up becoming Karen Gillan’s character. So the reasoning is that the video game is old and dusty, so she is dressed in this type of clothing because that’s how female videogame characters used to be dressed. Used to be. Not any more Im sure.

But the feminazi´s are not having it. Jodie Havsome from the influence SJW group Loss Of Valuable Energy ( or L.O.V.E.)  issued this statement:

 “We at L.O.V.E. will all work tirelessly to make this movie fail. We cannot promote this kind of sexist portrayal of women to our fragile children. “

Jodie Havsome @BigBeauty on twitter


In house feminazi troll feeder over at The Hollywood Reporter wasn’t pleased with the Jumanji creators explanation either. She had this to say:

“Is that enough of a reason for a movie to dress the character this way? Should the objectification of the female lead in the movie become permissible because Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’s film creators wanted to be hyper-accurate to old video games?”

Thats a great point of course. The creators of Jumanji  had to know how that film will affect the billions of influential trolls on social media. And social media should always be a safe space. Like college basically, where you’ll never be confronted with views, or opinions unlike or different than your own.


This controversy has now also spread to the Tomb Raider movie reboot starring academy award winning actress Alicia Vikander. The first pictures of the swedish actress was released this week, but producers have now admitted that the pictures were digitally altered as to not upset the SJW´s on social media.

” Yes, the photos had to be altered in order to not offend some of the more looks-challenged twitter users. The originals showed more of Alicia’s legs. Which by the way was something she wanted, because she had trained so hard to get in shape for this role”

He went on to talk more about the need for massive reshoots to the film which all stem, he says, from the Jumanji case.

“We saw with the cost of just adding more clothing to the still pictures that this wasn’t going to be cheap. We did some tests on footage we had already shoot, but we quickly realised that it wasn’t going to look good. So the only smart thing to do is to go back and reshoot close to 30% of the movie. Its mostly stunts, and although Alicia was heavily involved in those original sequences we shot, this time around we can use a stunt double. Its gonna cost somewhere around $10-18 million , but we feel it’s worth it. We don´t need that social media warrior bullshit to ruin our franchise”

I have to say it’s shame that these online trolls are being this successful with their manufactured hate and fake outrage. Im sure those rats never had any plans of seeing Jumanji or Tomb Raider. I sure as hell ain´t interested in any of the films personally. One positive thing to come out of all this is that the producer who gave those quotes was immediately fired for his insensitive comments about the trolls. So thats one less movie producer for the world to worry about. Serves him right for speaking his mind I say.

And let’s be frank,or let’s be Jenny in this case. Today you can actually be both if you want.  Point is, this whole debate over what females should be allowed to wear is a very important discussion to have. Woman shouldn’t be allowed to dress like this. It invites rapists. Thats just the facts. And luckily for us all there is an easy solution to this whole problem. Its called a NIQAB



Problem solved.


Karen Gillan‘s new film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 will open in theatres on May 5th ( April 26th where Im at ). It looks like a riot, and I can guarantee that Karen will not be wearing short shorts !!