The Postmortem on journalism .

Oscar Bait definition. And the “journalists are of course going gaga seeing what they once were. All the while convincing themselves that this is what they still are. Which is utter nonsense.

 “The Post” is a movie of galvanizing relevance 

How ? Maybe it was relevant in 2003. Today, I don´t think so.

 “Championing journalism, it congratulates and reassures the journalists”

Note; not todays clickbait , money grubbing “journalists”

“Support us for 4.99 a month”



See, this is the kind of self righteous bullshit I don´t like from HarassmentWood.

Its hollywood wiping its own ass and using the paper as a handkerchief right after.

They already made All The President’s Men. Hell, they made The Pentagon Papers in 2003, when the story was actually relevant. This isnt a movie Spielberg, Hanks, Streep or anyone involved has made because it’s a story they needed, or wanted to make. Its a political jab, and utter awards bait at the same time.

The journalism back then IS NOT what it is today. The news media killed itself. It became a greedy self serving machine. Not in it for the truth, but in it for profit. Regardless of who sat in the White house.

Hey, Im sure its a good enough film, Im not saying its not. I haven’t seen it. I have no interest seeing it either. Its OLD NEWS.  Its not important . And It isnt relevant ,because NO news organization gives two cents about facts or integrity anymore. Its all about the clicks. More often than not, it’s about the bait. This is a postmortem on journalism . But it died long ago.

I guess Meryl Streep gets another statue .

Can´t wait for the honest trailer.