Marvel TV vs MCU vs Fox ( ? ) : Dawn Of Shared Rights ?

The continuing of Agents of Shield is basically like the Matrix.It’s upside down world. I wonder if they can stretch it farther into the comic mythos. The last episode showed the continuing story where the team is trapped in the framework, but as Im writing this I have yet to see the episode.

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Quentin Tarantino wanted to make a Luke Cage film in the 90s



“One of the things I wanted to do before Pulp Fiction to some degree or another…one of the outside projects that I considered doing was doing a Luke Cage movie”


“In the case of Luke Cage, it was my comic geek friends that almost talked me out of it, because I thought Larry Fishburne back in the day would’ve been a great Luke Cage, and they were talking about Wesley Snipes. And I could see them both, but it was like ‘I think Fish would be better.’ And they go ‘Yeah…he could work out and everything, but he doesn’t have the bod that Wesley Snipes has, and Luke Cage needs to have the bod.’

“And I literally was so turned off that that would be their both starting and ending point, that it literally put it in my head that, if I do a comic book movie, it should be an original character. It should be something I create rather than try to fit in.”

– Quentin Tarantino


So that sounds like it could have been interesting.  And at the time I’m sure Marvel would have given him the rights for a reasonable price. Even Luke’s powers seems doable at the time.  That being said, I’m glad it never went anywhere . Im quite fond of Tarantino’s filmography as it is. And who knows what would have happened if he had tried his hand with a superhero movie instead of Pulp Fiction…..