Marvel TV vs MCU vs Fox ( ? ) : Dawn Of Shared Rights ?

The continuing of Agents of Shield is basically like the Matrix.It’s upside down world. I wonder if they can stretch it farther into the comic mythos. The last episode showed the continuing story where the team is trapped in the framework, but as Im writing this I have yet to see the episode.

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GOTHAM reached episode 2 before starting with filler episodes….

Thats really all i can call episode 3, titled The Balloon Man.  Christ, The Balloon Man? Really. Sad is all i can say. The episode really had nothing. Jim Gordon is of course the only cop on the job again. And it shows. He lives in an apartment that must cost a fortune. I only just noticed this on the latest episode. He should have some low rent place, but he lives in a penthouse apartment. It just doesn’t fit  does it?

Really, i don’t care about the balloon man, or why he did what he did.He was just another guy, and he was found way to easily just so they could end this filler and move on. I also don’t like the fact that cry baby Bruce is featured in every episode. I was hoping that this show would keep its strength for a bit longer, but this episode was weak. There was more sub plot filler with this special unit cop lady who apparently was romantically involved with Barbara Gordon in the past. If this is gonna be a recurring thing, i can see it getting old real fast. She shows up at Gordons place accusing Jim of all sorts, without any proof, and she expects Barbara to confront Jim about it??  What is that shit? And who cares?

The one constant positive is Oswald Cobblepot. By all rights it should be his show.  He owns every episode so far. I had read somewhere that episode 3 was “a bit better than episode 2”. Whoever thought that must either be stupid, or they had not seen the episode. This episode sucked. Pure and simple. 20 minutes before it was over I was just wishing it would end. The last 30 seconds however did spike my interest , and had me wanting to see episode 4 like right away ! Lets hope next weeks episode will indeed pick up the pace .

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