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The Dark Side :



Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) My Death Star is bigger than yours!

By @TheDetectiveDee via @TheSupernaughts




By @CreepyThinMan


And The Light :


Enthusiasm Awakens: Spoilerless Impressions and Eager Ravings on Star Wars: Episode VII

By Kyle Fulton via @TheSupernaughts


My spoiler-free thoughts on The Force Awakens!

By @RareEnglishRose


So the film is being received quite differently here. Some are taking the similarities to the original trilogy as blasphemy, and are angry about it.  Others are finding these similarities to be one of the reasons for liking the film.

Of course nobody can be said to be right on this matter.  It’s like the quarrels about which religion is right. Or who is interpreting the religion correctly.  There is no right answer here. But reading the different views is quite fun me thinks. And note that the Dark Side can´t write a review without spoilers.    Quicker, easier, more seductive.

The Force Awakens is currently holding at 95% on Rotten Tomatoes , so it’s nowhere near as good as The Wizard of Oz ( ? )

Apparently it made over $100 million on Friday alone. And it is set to beat the weekend record currently held by Jurassic World.  That $4B deal that Disney made is looking like the steal of the century as analysts predict that the Star Wars The Force Awakens merchandising alone will bring in over $5B  the FIRST YEAR. Damn.

My own review ( spoiler free ) can be read HERE







So, maybe that title implies that I actually recommend that people do this. Sadly that is not the case, but since the title is so deliciously click-baity  i stuck with it. But i digress. Its an article I’m recommending this time round. And you can find the link to it below.

I highly recommend you take the time to read this beautifully written piece by Creepy Thin Man, over at The Supernaughts . com


Click and enjoy.



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STARBOWL !! @StarWars vs @StarTrek Vote !!

The Point It at the Deck podcast over at TheSupernaughts.com  has taken up the universal question. Star Wars vs Star Trek.  Who is the biggest star ??  Have a listen, and cast your vote.


So which one is better ?  Can you decide ?  Or do you like both sides ?  Could the podcast change your mind ?  these questions, and the answers are out there to find.

Click the link below to go to the podcast at hyperspeed, or Warp 5 ?



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Razzie Recommends : DetectiveDee vs. RJD in a podcast debate about @DarrenAronofsky – great or hack?


Listen to the debate , and vote :   Great  or Hack  on Darren Aronofsky


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Razzie Recommendation : The SUK podcast Interview James Remar, and discuss THE WARRIORS


In this episode, the guys discuss the cult classic film The Warriors. Dan also did a sit-down interview with actor James Remar about his role as Ajax in the movie.

For more The Warriors insight, check out IAB’s analysis of it here.

Head over to THE SUPERNAUGHTS and have a listen.


Like what you hear ??  Give a shoutout in their comments section !!

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A ( shameless ) Razzie Recommendation for a Podcast featuring………. ME

I’ve recommended the Breakfast on Planet X podcast on here before.  Hosted on the TheSupernaughts.com it features movie lovers and haters from all over the globe. This weeks episode features participants from no less than 4 different countries . DetectiveDee from Austria , I_Am_Better from Finland , Zod and RJD from the U.S.A  and myself Michael Razzbender from Norway as a guest .  Together we discuss the Best , and Worst of 2014´s movies and Television. 

If you will, please head over to  TheSupernaughts  and have a listen to 

Breakfast on Planet X: Best and Worst of 2014 with Michael Razzbender


If you do listen, please give us some feedback in the comment section.

You can also follow all these guys on Twitter



But don’t follow Lady Gaga. I tried that shit, and she does not follow back…….

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A Razzie Recommendation : The SUK podcast featuring director Lexi Alexander

Now featured on TheSupernaughts.com . The Shut Up Kids podcast. Brilliant banter , and worthwhile guest. This weeks special guest is the badass female action director Lexi Alexander. Coming straight out of GERMANY with her views on the state of Hollywood, and an in depth discussion about her movie PUNISHER : WAR ZONE


Have a listen via the link below :


If you like what youre hearing, then bookmark, follow, like, and all that other shit. And check out the previous episodes of the SUK, and look out for future episodes. Drop them a comment on the comment section and all that usual stuff  .

If you did not like it, just scratch that up to one of  ” Razzies Bads ” and move along.

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Another Podcast Razzie Recommendation


Gotta do it you guys. Gotta send out a recommendation for this podcast.  Hosted over on  TheSupernaughts   which is also one of my recommended podcasts ,   comes the excellent Breakfast on Planet X podcast . The most important podcast of the day as they say.  Their first episode hosted on The Supernaughts is now up, and you can find it by clicking on the link below


or not, whatever. But if you do, leave a comment and tell em Razzbender sent you.

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I highly recommend !!


There are a few podcasts that i listen to, and this one i have been binge listening to for the last 24 hours. It is called the SUPERNAUGHTS , and i really enjoy listening to these guys. The topics are interesting to me, and the different opinions expressed well thought out.

The Supernaughts work to encourage debate covering all facets of entertainment through a variety of mediums. Keep the debate going! “


Give it a listen if you have the time. You just might like it. I sure do.

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