The Flash ……… Ugh


Another stinker episode this week.  I have not been liking the show so far. This lab-team duo ala Agents of SHIELD is bullcrap. The whole “hinting” that the weelchair doctor is a bad guy ( YEAH we got it the first two times…… third and fourth hint was going a little overboard )

A big gripe is the fact that “The red streak”  can´t seem to keep his mask on. Hes worse than Peter Parker. In the other Flash show from the 90s , the guy managed to keep his mask on ALL THE TIME !!!  And he did not reveal his identity to ANYONE !!!


This week also had the gay guy from Prison Break on as a villain. This guy can´t act for shit. Hes doing the same shtick he did through the entire Prison Break series. He just played this one like a cartoon character really.


And whats up with “The Red Streak” ??  After Mr-Prison-Freeze kills the guard in the museum , he just walks off……  WHY NOT GO AFTER HIM ???  Seriously, you could run to Gotham, have a hotdog, run back, and still catch up to him !!!!

Same thing goes for the end of the show. The Red Streak just lets this guy walk off. WHY??  Why not go after him. Run up on him, steal his freeze gun, and beat him up !!!

Come on !!

Razzle Razzle

My apologies to the readers.

For the past week i have not been doing any writing on this site.  I have been in a bad place as of late……  a horrible place….

And the internet connection there  was TERRIBLE !!  This caused problems for me of course, but enough bullshit. I guess the last thing i wrote about was the casting of Dave Bautista as the henchmen “Jinx” in the Untitled Bond 24. Soooooo,  what been up since. Well, quite a lot, so lets do a Razzie Round Up !!

Agents of SHIELD episode 4

Even though the promo made it look gawd awful, i watched episode 4 of Agents of SHIELD.  It was not as bad as i had feared it would be , but it did have some WTF´s .  Like Coulson standing in the middle of a ballroom talking to the team about covert operations and undercover work. Hes talking via microphones mind you , so anybody watching him would just see some dude talking to himself.

There was some good action at times, but the story was more or less a filler.  I guess a lot of this season will have to do with these weird writings  which Coulson seems to do while hes in some sort of trance. It all has to do with how he was brought back to life after the Avengers. Now some alien blood was used, and we saw the alien at the end of season one. It was blue…..  and the only blue aliens with any kind of credence in the Marvel Universe is the Kree.  Could it be ??  It should, but ill get back to that a little further down.  Next weeks episode will feature the debut of  Adrianne Palicki, who plays Bobbi Morse, who, in the comics, becomes the Avenger Mockingbird.

Here is a clip for episode 5 , titled ” A wolf in the hen house”

So my first reaction :  Bobbi Morse is HYDRA ??  Noooooo,  she is obviously the mole herself.  And its good if we get to find out that there are other former SHIELD agents still working, cause that organization had like a million people in it, and the notion that only the few agents with Phil Coulson being the only ones who kept working is ridiculous.

Moving on…..


Robert Downey Jr  is now going to be in Captain America 3. Good thing DC moved their movie so it would not collide with Cap 3, cause it would be buried. Now the story is that they are going with a watered down version of Marvels Civil War storyline. A horrible idea at this point because they don´t have enough players to do it right. I would have loved to see it a little longer down the line, but if this is Marvels way of getting Downeys contractual appearances out of the way, so they can recast, then its a good thing. I mentioned earlier about the possibility that a Kree was the source of Coulson being brought back to life. I mentioned this because it seems that the SECRET INVASION storyline is the one they should be going with if thats the case.  Imagine any Avenger dying in one of the movies , only to have it be revealed that that person was actually a SKRULL imposter…….  Good stuff.

Secret Invasion Elektra Skrull

Now maybe they are moving towards this story, and maybe not. I just don´t want to see them do Civil War as a watered down event. At this point it looks like its just gonna be Cap vs Tony.  Also, what happened to this wild a great  story that Downey wanted to do Ironman 4  with Mel Gibson…..  that was the talk of the town. Come on Marvel !!! Anyway Cap 3 will be coming out May 6, 2016


And we move on to the strange tale of the casting of Dr Strange.


So, they wanted Cumberbatch, and Hardy. Then they talked with Phoenix. That did not work so then Ethan Hawke was the name being dropped, and this week i read that Ewan McGregor is being considered ??  WTF is going on here.  Now we all know Daniel Day Lewis is the best choice. But waiting around for him to actually learn the dark arts would take to long, so in all fairness the best fucking choice right now is CLIVE OWEN !!!


Simple.   Now i like Ewan McGregor, but he, like Mads Mikkelsen can not do an American accent. Well Ewan can, it just sound really cheesy. Just cast Clive Owen Marvel. He wont let you down!!

Last thing from Marvel is a joke. Fox wants Tom Hardy to play En Sabah Nur in X-Men : Apocalypse. Fuck you fox, fuck you forever. There is so much wrong with that bit of news that i can HARDLY take it serious. So thats what they are going with. En Sabah Nur……  The scrawny human form of Apocalypse, and not the iconic giant villain? Well fuck it, what does it matter really, the movie is about Beast and Mystique anyway, so FUCK FOX !!!!

From here we move on to the DC Battle Cry !!!  ( LOL )

Ok, so DC blew their wad and announced all the upcoming shit. The list is as follows :

– “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” directed by Zack Snyder (2016)
– “Suicide Squad,” directed by David Ayer (2016)
– “Wonder Woman,” starring Gal Gadot (2017)
– “Justice League Part One,” directed by Zack Snyder, with Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams reprising their roles (2017)
– “The Flash,” starring Ezra Miller (2018)
– “Aquaman,” starring Jason Momoa (2018)
– “Shazam” (2019)
– “Justice League Part Two,” directed by Zack Snyder (2019)
– “Cyborg,” starring Ray Fisher (2020)
– “Green Lantern” (2020)

First things fucking first.  Are you telling me that Batman and Superman are not getting a solo film until 2021 maybe??  Well fuck you.

Secondly , the Suicide Squad??  Without introducing the characters beforehand as villains, you are making the Suicide Squad??  And not only that, you are not including Harley Quinn in the line up. I would laugh at this but its actually not that funny. Its just sad. Its like they heard about the Sinister Six movie and just went : OOHH  WE COULD DO THAT TOO !!

What is funny is the list of actors they want to do the film. Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Tom Hardy. Who do DC/Warner think they are ??  Do they think they are Marvel/Disney ??  There is a reason why Marvel has been able to pick and chose great actors the last few years. Its because their movies have been great. Great at the box-office , and great films to watch.  You know who wanted to play Superman after “Superman Returns” ??  NOBODY !!!  You know who wanted to play Batman after Christian Bale??  NOBODY !!!  So they got an englishman , and an Affleck. I think Ben Affleck is doing it for money, and seeing as he is not slated for a solo Batman film EVER, i would say hes not so into it.  And look at these other films DC has lined up.

I will give them the SHAZAM movie  with Dwayne Johnson actually playing the villain Black Adam. That could be a fun watch as long as they don´t try changing Black Adam into some hero.


But hey, thats not coming out until 2019 !!!!  WHAT !!!  Wait WHAT !!


Batman v Superman.  Could be great. It could be so great that DC might actually want to make a solo Batfleck movie. But does Ben want to ??

Then there is the Suicide Squad… Good luck with that.


there is a Wonder Woman solo movie ….  whhhoooooooo cares !!!!!

Then comes the Justice League movie PART ONE.  Part one ??

2018 ( the year of DC movies !!! )

This is where they are going for the win.  A stand alone FLASH movie starring this :


“FLASH!!  AHHHHHHHHH,, he´ll save maybe one of us ”  .   For christ sake……

Then comes AQUAMAN starring Jason Momoa !!! WHOOOOOOOOO CARES !!!!


“Shazam” starring The Rock,  who at that point could be box-office poison ??  He could be dead even ??
Then comes  “Justice League Part Two,” directed by Zack Snyder . Seriously, there are three solo movies between Justice League Part one and two. So is this part two, as in its a story that connects to part one, cause..aahhhhhhh i dont care.


Then , in what will be the “best year” since 2018 comes  “Cyborg,” starring Ray Fisher (WHO???) , and a “Green Lantern”  reboot starring WHO ???  Nobody cares

I wish DC all my best. Really.

I also watched episode two of the new Flash tv show. I think its going to suck. Seriously, keep the fucking mask on while you are out in public !!!  For fuck sake !!! In the series from the 90s , that guy NEVER took his mask of. I don´t care about seeing this kids face anyway. Fuck you for taking the mask of.  Also, ripping of Agents of SHIELD with the fucking boy/girl science team??  That was the worst part about Agents of SHIELD…..  why do that…..


I love the fact that DC has so little faith in this kid, that they went ahead and cast this as the Flash in the 2018 movie


What a vote of confidence…….!  Enough about this DC bullshit.

I also watched the first episode of American Horror Story Freak Show.  It was alright. Nothing special.I´ll give episode two a shot.

Next week i’m heading north again, and i expect snow. The good thing is that there is good internet, and i have time to watch movies and write rants.

Again, i am sorry to all you hundreds, thousands, and millions of you who read my stuff religiously , that i couldn’t give you any updates this past week.   I am seriously considering getting my RAR section going . Razzie Audio Recording,  a short and sweet review of movies or tv-shows. Because really the new generations don’t like  reading. They would be 2 – 3 minutes in length, because really the new generations don’t like listening that much either.

Until we meet again , and the case is sol-ved !!

Razzle Razzle !!