Full Trailer for David Ayer’s Fantasy Action Movie Bright

Oh how good it is to have a netflix account. They are churning out loads of original content with stand-up shows, tv series, and movies. The David Ayer directed BRIGHT looks like it could be pretty good romp, and now Netflix has released a full length trailer. Check it out below :

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Just some random trailers that have been released. Some of these look real good, but then again, I’ve been fooled once or twice by a kick ass trailer , only to be really disappointed in the actual film. Still…….Enjoy !

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Iron Fist Season 1. My thoughts

Spoiler Warning. If you haven’t seen the show, I do get into some spoilers.

Having finished Iron Fist now, I do have some thoughts on it. I found it to be an entertaining show overall. It had some pacing issues for sure, and I can sort of understand some of the criticism leveled on those first six episodes, or rather the hate for Danny Rand , about him not being believable , and coming off as insincere or even miscast because Finn Jones , like Danny Rand is white……..

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Bad Sounding Week 11


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Watch The Final Daredevil Season 2 Trailer

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The final trailer for the highly anticipated Daredevil Season Two has arrived. Its just 3 days away now before the whole thing can be seen on Netflix, and I am giddy as a kid on christmas. Check out the trailer :

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