Sony Will Rush VENOM Into Cinemas Next Year

venom (1)

Sony Pictures have announced that the supervillain VENOM will be coming to cinemas in October 2018. There is no word yet if the film will have any connections to the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies or the MCU. And if that’s not a big enough worry for you, then maybe the writers hired to scribble the script will put you off .

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What If : Marvel Studios INFINITY WAR


Be warned. This will contain spoilers from the previous MCU movies, including Doctor Strange. I will also reference the events of the comics The Thanos Quest, The Infinity Gauntlet , and The Infinity War.

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Doctor Strange Was Great Fun


I got to see the latest feature film from Marvel Studios tonight. And I can say that the latest entry to the ever-widening Marvel Cinematic Universe was greatly entertaining , and a really fun time at the cinema.

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