New BvS spot and Suicide Squad 2 filming news.


Warner Brothers  is aiming to begin production for SUICIDE SQUAD 2 in 2017.  The buzz for SS is pretty high, and WB must have faith in the franchise if they are setting up the sequel shoot before earning a single dollar.


As we have seen all to often as of late, the studios change these plans very frequently. And with a cast like SS has it can’t be easy to schedule all these players , and make it fit everyone’s calendar. That said, I would be surprised if the whole squad makes it out of the first film alive.

SUICIDE SQUAD hits theaters on August 5, 2016



But first things last.  The premiere of Turkish Airlines : Batman V Superman is creeping ever closer, and WB is in high promotion mode. They recently released yet another tv spot for the film.

Directed by Zack Snyder , the film stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Jason Momoa, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Scoot McNairy, Callan Mulvey, and Tao Okamoto.

BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE premieres March 25, 2016.

The Suicide Squad Trailer


The Desperate Competition has released a new trailer for the upcoming DC/Warners SUICIDE SQUAD.

And here it it is :


Suicide Squad stars Will Smith (Not Nominated For an Oscar this year) as Deadshot, Joel Kinnaman (Robotic Policeman) as Rick Flagg, Margot Robbie (Z For Zacharia ) as Harley Quinn, Jai Courtney (BSS Worst Actor Ever Nominee) as Captain Boomerang, Cara Delevingne  as Enchantress, Karen Fukuhara as Katana, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc, Jay Hernandez as El DIablo, Adam Beach as Slipknot, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, and Jared Leto as The Joker.

Its a wonder that the feminazi PC police are not already boycotting this flick because it has suicide in the title. . . .  Are they still on christmas break ?

9XQTRyV suicide-squad-posters-3



Warner Brothers releases the official Comic-Con Suicide Squad trailer !!


“Warner Bros. Pictures and our anti-piracy team have worked tirelessly over the last 48 hours to contain the Suicide Squad footage that was pirated from Hall H on Saturday. We have been unable to achieve that goal. Today we will release the same footage that has been illegally circulating on the web, in the form it was created and high quality with which it was intended to be enjoyed. We regret this decision as it was our intention to keep the footage as a unique experience for the Comic Con crowd, but we cannot continue to allow the film to be represented by the poor quality of the pirated footage stolen from our presentation.”

-Sue Kroll, President Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures


The way you should see it!! Bad Sounding Sentences has you covered !!

Suicide Squad stars Will Smith as Deadshot, Joel Kinnaman (LOL) as Rick Flagg, Margot Robbieas Harley Quinn, Jai Courtney (LOL) as Captain Boomerang, Cara Delevingne  as Enchantress, Karen Fukuhara as Katana, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc, Jay Hernandez as El DIablo, Adam Beach as Slipknot, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller and Jared Leto as the Joker.


Written and directed by David Ayer, Suicide Squad will shoot until September , and will be released August 5, 2016.


Now to see if 20th Century Fox will do the same. The awful bootlegs of Deadpool and X-Men: Ivan Ooze are making their rounds online as we speak.


Margot Robbie Stars As The Last Woman On Earth In Z FOR ZACHARIAH


So far all ive seen of Margot Robbie is her playing a nice pair of tits. Namely in Wolf of Wallstreet and Focus . But this film looks to have a bit more to it as far as Margot is concerned. The film is getting some great reviews. Even Chris Pine is getting high praise. Wow to that. Never judge a book by its stupid face i guess.



Official Suicide Squad Cast Photo

Featured in the photo is Will Smith  as Deadshot; Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg; Margot Robbie  as Harley Quinn; Jai Courtney  as Captain Boomerang; Cara Delevingne as Enchantress; Karen Fukuhara as Katana; Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc; Jay Hernandez as El DIablo; and Adam Beach as Slipknot.



This solo pic of Deadshot was also released today.  How many seconds do you think Smith keeps the mask on ?  5 or 10 ?


Created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru back in 1959, the Suicide Squad team has included countless DC villains among its ranks, including Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Bane, Killer Frost, Poison Ivy, Count Vertigo, Deathstroke, and Harley Quinn. .

Not in the photo are Ike Barinholtz, Scott Eastwood, Raymond Olubowale, Alex Meraz, Jim Parrack, and Common in addition to Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller and Jared Leto’s previously released Joker.


Written and directed by David Ayer, Suicide Squad is setting up shop in Toronto, Canada at their Pinewood extension. The film will shoot from until September for an August 5, 2016 release.

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Robotic Policeman Star Eyed For Rick Flagg Role in ‘Suicide Squad’

Joel Kinnaman is apparently in early talks to replace Tom Hardy in Warner Bros. and DC’s “Suicide Squad.” Man is that a lousy replacement. Last years “Robotic Policeman” was high nr 1 on my “Shittiest movie of the Year” list. Much because of this actors total robot like acting.


The film currently stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Jai Courtney and Cara Delevingne, with David Ayer directing.

Based on the DC comicbook, the story centers on the team of supervillains who are given a chance at redemption by the government. The catch: Their mission will probably kill them all.


Hardy dropped out in January after reading the script,which sources claim WAS ABSOLUTE SHIT  so Warners worked quickly to find his replacement in order to meet the start of production. Because fast is better. I mean why rewrite it to keep Hardy onboard when Robotic Policeman will do the job for half the cash ??

The film is set to be out Aug. 5, 2016.

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DC gets a shitload of A-List actors for their Suicide Squad movie

I was dead wrong!!  I never thought DC would be able to sign even 50% of its wishlist for this film. Now an impressive gang of actors has joined Warner Bros. Pictures’  Suicide Squad, bringing DC Comics’ super villain team to the big screen under the direction of David Ayer (Fury). The announcement was made today by Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production, Warner Bros. Pictures.

The film will star  Will Smith as Deadshot; Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg; Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn; Oscar winner Jared Leto  as the Joker; Jai Courtney as Boomerang; and Cara Delevingne as Enchantress.

Greg Silverman said, “The Warner Bros. roots are deep on this one. David Ayer returns to the studio where he wrote ‘Training Day’ and brings his incredible ability to craft multidimensional villains to this iconic DC property with a cast of longtime Warner collaborators Will Smith and Tom Hardy, and other new and returning favorites: Margot, Jared, Jai and Cara. We look forward to seeing this terrific ensemble, under Ayer’s amazing guidance, give new meaning to what it means to be a villain and what it means to be a hero.”


Suicide Squad, which was originally created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru back in 1959, will set up shop in Toronto, Canada at their Pinewood extension starting in February. Following two months of pre-production, the film will shoot from April until September for a August 5, 2016 release.

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Last few days have been brutally slow when it comes to news…….

I really haven’t seen any piece of news that was worthy of mentioning ..

I watched Saturday Night Live, but i just couldn’t be bothered to do a proper Kenan Thompson bashing run down of the show.

Yes Kenan was on this week, and NO he was not funny. Host Woody Harrelson was legit funny. From the cold open, to the closing of the show. He is a pro, and he put himself out there in a way very few hosts do nowadays. Jennifer Lawrence showed her face, but that was all she showed , so who cares. moving on.

Pete Davidson , and Leslie Jones look like they have been on SNL for 11 years. Its their first year, but damn are they making an impact. Kenan Thompson however has been on the show for 11 years, and he has yet to make anyone laugh. Go figure. Jay Pharoah ( did i spell that right ) , and Kate Mckinnon are  always fun to watch, and all in all the show was good. Just a shame Thompson had to be there.  I skipped the musical guest because…… well i can´t even remember the name of the musical guest, so fuck it……

I watched The Walking Dead of course. Im a big fan. I care for the characters , and i think the show is great. Its not even like 50/50. You either get it or you don´t – Just don’t make some comment about how you only watched a few episodes of season 1, and then stopped. What the fuck do you know about the show then ??  Its like if someone watched the first 20 minutes of Phantom Menace ,and now goes around telling people not to watch any Star wars movies because they all suck. Hell i agree about the Phantom Menace , but dude, what the fuck do you know about Star Wars, if that is all you know? NOTHING.


Simpsons, and Family Guy. I watched it. No biggie. Always kills time.

This weeks episode of Gotham was called HARVEY DENT. And just like the episode called SELINA KYLE  , it featured a hell of a lot more other stuff than the title character. I think  Dent shows up three or four times, and never really made any impact. He makes a fool of himself and the show  when he has an “Anger-attack” . They really tried to SHOVE it down our throats that Dent has a “dark side”  .  ONLY HE SHOULD NOT HAVE ONE !!  NOT YET !!!  Fuck is wrong with this show !!  Why was Dent there at all ??  Why is Edward Nygma  working for the cops. And being a complete tool ??  Why is cry baby Bruce in every episode??  WHY WAS CAT-BITCH LIVING AT WAYNE MANOR !!!!  WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE WRITERS !!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Donald Logue has now completely forgotten how to play Harvey Bullock.  Hes like a totally diffrent person than he was two episodes ago….  I guess Jim Gordon is changing one cop at a time with all he is doing. ONLY HE HASN’T DONE JACK SHIT !!!! Other than frame a guy for the Wayne killings, been played by the Cat Bitch, lost his SUPER RICH girlfriend, and done dirty work for mobsters .  Now sure, every week they have an easily solvable case that Bulloch and Gordon will close dueing the shows 40 minutes runtime. But i would like too see them actually do that. Right now the show is like this :


– Penguin can see shit coming !! Waynes dead, wrong guy blamed, Im a good cop, who cares spiel——-

– Hi, Im Jim Gordon

-Jada Smith holds auditions for her nightclub which is NEVER OPEN !!!

-Something with Cry Baby Bruce

-Back to this weeks case. Gordon closes inn, Bulloch wants to finish eating

-Penguin scene

-Cat bitch is on the street

-New character introduced

-Penguin scene

-Jada Smith sits and does nothing and complains she isnt the boss

-Gordon catches this weeks crook. Bulloch makes sly remarks

-Another scene with Bruce and the butler-

-Penguin scene to end the show………

The End.  Tune in next week for another “villain” introduction.


I thought this show was going to be good, but the way it looks to be going is not looking good. At this point the entire rouges gallery will be introduced before Cry Baby Bruce  gets pubic hair. How the fuck is that gonna work ?? Well that question is raised by people who thinks this show has some plan to ever show BATMAN. So let me tell ya : They aint getting that far. In a desperation move i think they will rush into the Joker origin sooner than planned, and the show will be over before season three.

While im on the subject of DC.  That Suicide Squad movie has yet to cast a single part…….  Sure people say Margot Robbie is in it , but who the hell cares. Margot Robbie has been in ONE film, and you sure as shit did not see The Wolf of Wallstreet because of Margot Robbie……..

Marvel it seems has still not signed Benedict Cumberbatch, or anyone else for that matter, to play Dr Strange. Weird also-

I have been thinking about the fact that MARVEL 19 films in pre production, DC ( 19 films in pre production),  James Bond ( 1 film is pre-production ) and the STAR WARS ( at least 4 or 5 films coming )  are all casting RIGHT NOW.  Every A-list actor must be running all over the place. Of course there are some who think they are to good to be in sci/fi and superhero movies, so they only want to be in “real movies” , but these people will be left by the wayside i think. Good luck with your art film Leo !! Who cares !!


The one film i am most excited about is the one i know nothing about. The stand alone Star Wars film which will start shooting at Pinewood studios sometime next year, and is to be released in 2016. I don´t know what it is, or who is in it, but i really want to know!!!  Really, do i need to buy a ticket to see JJ Abrams episode 7 The Force Wakes Up  just to see a clip of this other film…..  Yeah, i think i might have to do that……

In closing, I hope we get some movie news soon, and i don´t mean some JP website launching or casting speculations. Something newsWORTHY.  Not every gawddamned piece of twitter junk has to be put up as news ( with seventeen exclamation marks behind it )

JURASSIC WORLD HAS A WEBSITE !!!!!!!!!  Yeah, so does ObamaCare !!!



I need news, or i rant……….  And its always more fun ranting after i get news……. An announcement that The Force Wakes teaser trailer will indeed be attached to the 25th December release of DISNEYS INTO THE WOODS  would be nice…..

IntoWoods force-awakens

At least Hollywood Silly Season is just around the corner. And if you never heard of HSS, then stick around BSS and i will tell you……….  soon……..

Razzle Razzle

A little rant on Marvels PHASE 3



Chadwick Boseman is ‘Black Panther’

chadwick black-panther-concept-8a438

Benedict Cumberbatch is Dr Strange


Edit ; Brie Larson is Captain Marvel

brielarsongif ms-marvel-fan-casting-1-2-semi-final-ms-marvel-movie-director-james-gunn-says-it-s-coming-soon

Vin Diesel is BLACK BOLT ( of the INHUMANS ) maybe ??


Josh Brolin is Thanos ( for some reason )


The space angle is the real key here i think, and one character that i can see uniting all these movies before Avengers : Infinity Wars is the bad ass character, that just happens to my favourite character : ADAM WARLOCK


Who will play this iconic character ??  Matthew McConaughey ??   Bradley Cooper ???  Kevin Bacon !!!!!

I don´t know…. but not having him would be a goddamned travesty

He will most likely be introduced in Guardians 2. He is the keeper of the Soul Gem. Inhumans are on the dark side of the moon, but Feige dropped a hint that we “might” be seeing the INHUMANS  sooner rather than later in the MCU. You can put money on Black Bolt ( Vin Diesel) appearing in GUARDIANS of The Galaxy 2 !!  Take it to the bank.  Wonder who will play Medusa. She is Black Bolts wife and mouth piece. I’m gonna throw Amanda Seyfried out there as a contender



Perhaps Black Bolt already has an infinity gem ? We know Asgard has the cosmic cube ( will be taken in Thor Ragnarok i guess )  Like i said, Adam Warlock has the Soul Gem. So yeah, maybe The Inhumans already possess a gem ?? And its not such a stretch to guess that Dr Strange might be in possession of the reality gem ??Or at least he gets it during his solo movie. He and Silver Surfer was pretty big pawns in Adam Warlock’s plot to defeat THANOS. So that leaves the one the Nova Core has, and the ether ??   I can’t think straight. Might be forgetting some parts……


So Captain Marvel will be the Carol Danvers character. She got her powers originally from the first Captain Marvel ( Mar-Vell )  a KREE warrior. Those blue punks who fight the Skrull , those green pricks.

Im guessing that will be the origin they go with in the movies also, seeing as everything seems connected by the whole alien/space thing. Even Agents of SHIELD are doing that, and the alien that was used to save Coulson and that is now turning him batshit crazy , was in fact BLUE. BLUE = KREE = Mar-Vell = Captain Marvel.

Thats me ranting away. Meanwhile the new Avengers line up after Age of Ultron will be : Hawkeye, Vision, Ant-Man , Wasp, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.  Hulk leaves, and Ironman and Cap have a falling out which leads into their little Civil War movie. WHOOOOOOOOOOO  CARES!!!!

Im getting way ahead of everyone now, but WHAT IF  Avengers : Infinity Wars lead directly into SECRET INVASION 🙂


PHASE 4 ??  They have to get to the Skrull at some point……..  after the credits the heroes finds that one of their dead buddies was an undercover skrull….  duh duh duh ……  It was the thing that got the heroes back together after the whole Civil War thing…..  just saying…..

Secret Invasion Elektra Skrull

That is all