Comics Vs Movies : Dawn of Film Rights


Its no secret that I am a fan of comic books and movies based on said books. I read DC books and Marvel books. I love these stories and the characters , but Im pretty damn far from being up to date on any current books. Ive read comics like Hulk , Spider-Man, Batman and X-Men since I was a kid. These mags were a big part of me learning to read. Not only that, but learning to enjoy reading. I bought comics before I could even properly read them. At one point though in the late 80s I fell off reading them, but this was due to the magazines being discontinued. I kept the ones I had and still have a few of those old mags lying around somewhere. But being a fan of the source material can sometimes be a detriment.  You know the saying ; “the book was better” .  Its no joke, sometime that is the case. Sometimes it’s the opposite .  But then sometimes a movie fails so badly that you legitimately have to ask if the filmmakers ever even read the source material .

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Captain America 3 : Civil War Review

CivilWar characters

Captain America 3 : The Winter Soldier Part 2 aka Avengers 3 : Civil War was an awesome and fun action thriller roller coaster ride !

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Marvel and Disney released some new clips from the upcoming Captain America : Civil War during the recent Mtv Movie Awards, and from the Jimmy Kimmel talk show. The first one is a kick ass action scene, presumably taking place during the film’s opening. Check it out :

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Bad Sounding Week 11


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Some Sweet New Captain America : Civil War Promo Images


Continuing the promotional warfare, Marvel/Disney has released some rad new promo images of all their heroes. All with the exception of Spider-Man that is, which i’m betting is the fault of those geniuses over at Sony , who apparently gave Marvel a hard time about even including Spidey in the final trailer. Xenu knows why they are being dicks about it. This appearance in Civil War is huge PR for their forthcoming standalone film The Spectacular Spider-Man.  But I digress. Here are the promo images :

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Bad Sounding Week 10


This week saw a slew of new teaser, trailers, castings and announcements. As always here on BSS the focus was heavily on Comic Book Movies . Lets recap shall we.

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