The Rated R Superstar Deadpool Slays ‘Gods of Egypt’ At The Box-Office


Source: ‘Gods of Egypt’ Heading for Epic Box Office Flop 

Who could have guessed it ?  Besides everybody .  This year’s Clash of Titans is tanking at the box-office.  Not surprising after the early reviews slammed it hard, and one could imagine that it is also part of the ongoing public outrage over Hollywood whitewashing , and lack of diversity  .

The most positive line i’ve read about the film is this : “if you’re under 13 years old, or chemically-enhanced, you just might have a blast.”

It seems that isn´t gonna get moviegoers to spend their cash however, as the rated R superstar Deadpool looks to retain the number 1 spot this weekend. Poor Gerard Butler…….    Speaking of which,  he has another actioner coming out next weekend with London Is Falling .  Could Deadpool  *reign* on Butler’s parade again. Will the headlines read London Is Failing ??   We shall see.  One thing looks certain though. The hopes of a franchise for this “Gods” movie is looking none too likely. And that’s not a bad thing.