Spider-Man Spinoff VENOM Revived


Sony is revving up its long-in-development “Spider-Man” spinoff “Venom” that’s intended to turn into its own separate series. That is of course unless they totally BOTCH it.

My first fears is how are they gonna do this without Spider-Man ? The whole reason the symbiote and Eddie Brock came together to become Venom was their mutual hatred for Spider-Man/Peter Parker. I’m not saying it can´t be done , but it sure makes their job a lot harder than it needs to be.

I’ve always liked Venom as a character. He was the first Spider-Man villain that readers really could believe was a serious threat to Spider-Man, and indeed anyone who got in his way. This guy not only hurt people. He killed people ! And the fact that Venom know Spider-Man’s secret identity before Spider-Man even knew Venom existed , he also posed a significant threat to Peter Parker’s family and friends.


Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are producing and overseeing the new film, which is another Red Flag for me. Avi Arad has never given me the impression that he has a clue about any of the projects he has overseen. The first time we got Venom onscreen was in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. And there Venom was forced into Raimi’s film by Avi Arad. The result was not a success.

The script will be penned ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ scribe Dante Harper. This might be a very good choice. I would say that EoT was a far more complicated story than Venom ever needs to be. The real question is , will the production allow Marvels catalogue of Venom stories to be used in the development of the story. If they indeed want this to be a stand alone franchise  then they really should think it through in the same vain as the current 3 Star Wars films reportedly have been.

They really need to have a plan for what this character is going to be. He can’t just turn up as a hero , and the question of the film’s rating  should never be in doubt. It simply can NOT be anything but a Rated R movie. If they go for a PG rating, they have already failed. They have already betrayed the character, and the fans. Venom is a psychopath. He is a killer. Even in later stages of the characters run, where he tries to become the champion and protector of the “innocent” , he still had absolutely no problem with cracking heads, and killing whoever he deemed to “deserve it” .  And therein lies the crux of his character. He doesn’t see the problem there. Some guy is stealing a womans handbag, and Venom is more than ready to rip the guy’s arms off . Much like The Punisher really.

PG he is not


There is one Venom storyline that I do see as being a good start off point for Sony to go with. Its the series called – SINNER TAKES ALL- written by GI Joe creator Larry Hama. A five-part series published between August and December 1995.  The story pits Venom against the Sin-Eater. A character who really isn’t that far removed from Venom himself. The story also featured Eddie Brock’s estranged ex-wife Anne Weying, who during the series becomes targeted by the Sin-Eater. Now I don´t want to delve into this story in detail. First off I don´t want to spoil it for readers, but also because it might be a pipe dream that Sony would even consider using an existing story, no matter how good it is.  But as an introduction it could work really well. Fans will know that it was Eddie Brock´s shoddy journalism about the Sin-Eater that ultimately ruined his career . So if they could somehow tie that origin story from Spectacular Spider-Man  in 1985  * and move through to the Sinner Takes All story from 1995, It could really be something special. How it can be done without ever addressing Spider-Man though is another matter. The Sinner Takes All story does not need Spider-Man , but Eddie’s fall from grace and subsequent transformation into Venom does really need at the very least a mention of Peter Parker/Spider-Man


venomsinner3 venomsinner2 venomsinner1

( *Venom made his full first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 May 1988, but David Michelinie would later use the events of Peter David’s 1985 “Sin Eater” storyline in Spectacular Spider-Man as a basis for Brock’s origin )

I don´t even want to contemplate the possibility that they might go with a Venom story where Eddie Brock is not involved. But then again, with Avi Arad involved It really wouldn’t surprise me. It would outrage me , and I would never pay to go see it, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  Even though the two others who bonded with the symbiote had even closer ties to Spider-Man than Eddie Brock in a way, Avi Arad just might be out of touch enough to go that route.

It’s gonna be interesting to see how they try to do it.  As soon as a casting choice is made we will see either how far off they are , or how close to the character they are staying.  Lets just say that someone puny like Topher Grace , or that douche from that vampire show ain’t gonna cut the mustard . And I’m not saying they should get some steroid freak like Brock Lesnar either. A guy who can’t even pretend to act on a wrestling show.

eddie brock

May i suggest :


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You know. Actors.

Source: ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff ‘Venom’ Revived With Writer | Variety 

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