Avengers 4 : Infinity Gauntlet , And The Omission Of Adam Warlock

The title for the fourth Avengers movie may have been spilled by Zoe Saldana. The two films will not be filmed simultaneously , and James Gunn has more or less confirmed that the most important character of the Infinity series will NOT be featured in the film. Gawd dammit !!

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I’m going to see #Avengers today. Wonder what Ultrons age really is ??


Today is the day. In one hour and 20 minutes I will be watching the screen. The local paper gave the film 5 out 6. Im guessing it wont sweep the Oscars or anything, but it should be a fun ride. Sadly im seeing it in 3D. Thats the price I pay for watching it on the largest screen in town. My biggest concern is still the voice of Ultron. All i hear is Spader. From the clips ive seen Im just not digging the voice. I would have preferred a metallic/robotic voice. That would also have saved Marvel some cash.  I do wonder what the mid credits scene will be. I am hoping for Dr Strange, but I guess it will be more about the coming Civil War. Spiderman is a stretch this early on, and im sure I would have seen tweets about it at this point. The movie has already played a couple of times here already.  And Im taking Joss at his word that there is NO post credits scene, so if i hear otherwise after leaving I will be pissed .



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The Incredible Hulk and his MCU future.



The Incredible Hulk was my favourite comic book character for a long time. One of the first comic books i owned was an Incredible Hulk book. I believe it was issues 314-318 all wrapped up into one big issue. And i loved it!!

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