After The Star Wars Trailer Dropped. #SWCO #TheLastJedi

The trailer drop for Star Wars The Last Jedi could, might, perhaps , possibly be coming sometime the next two hours. The Last Jedi Panel starts within the hour and it’s believed that they will be showing a reel from the film, and hopefully also release the footage online via the Star Wars youtube channel.


I can’t even begin to speculate on story, or what little we get to see of the actual plot. But the big thing that Im already worried about is the reasoning behind Luke Skywalker’s self imposed exile. This was a major disappointment for me when they did it in Revenge of the Sith. Or a let down at least. When Yoda went into exile after he is “beat” by The Emperor. Why just hide away ? Yoda could have trained  an elite force of Jedi and gone after the Sith. Anything. So whatever Luke´s excuse is, Im not buying it. I don´t care about his point of view either.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the character Simon Pegg played in TFA. He´s so tied into a lot of these characters. He was there when Rey was abandoned. He somehow “owned” the Millennium Falcoln, and he tried to capture BB-8 who had the map to Skywalker. I just wonder if he is being left out going forward or if he might still play a part?

Anyway, Im excited to see the whole panel. Day one of Star Wars Celebration was a blast. I loved the Ray Park panel. That guy has infectious enthusiasm ! You can find the whole thing here.

What are you looking forward to seeing ( or hearing ) ? Luke obviously. Could we see a CGI force ghost of Obi-Wan in these films. Im talking Alec Guiness back , like Peter Cushing ?  Its a possibility.

Edit :  Here it is

Well damn, that was some sweet teasery right there. Im so super psyched.  Did a little write-up over HERE.