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You watched the film. You want to discuss it without fear of spoiling it for anyone. This is the place. Use the comment section for all your discussion needs about Star Wars The Last Jedi !! Its Spoiler Wars time.

If you have not seen the film, and want to remain unspoiled . Then you better get outta here !!

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Alright. One of the first things that I felt was weird was the fact that mere hours after the destruction of Starkiller Base, the First Order are regrouped, and have found the rebels on Yavin 4. That seemed weird to me. But equally weird was the fact that the rebels seemed to know that the First Order was coming. They had a “plan” with those bombers. Like they knew the dreadnought was gonna be there. And what was up with the guns on that thing ? They even make a point of mentioning it themselves. The guns have to load or power up. It was just so ridiculous.

But even more so was the bit after the escape. The McGuffin that allowed the First Order to track the rebel ship while in light-speed will never be explained. But I thought it was weak. A reason for Finn and Rose to go to casino-land. A waste of time. That whole part of the story was boring IMO. But the fact that the First Order couldn’t shot down the rebel ship as long as they ” kept a certain distance” was laughably bad.

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The story that played out on Jedi-Island was a mixed bag for me. I did not like Luke , and his attitude. Rey comes begging for help, for his sister sake, and Luke just acts like a total dick. The revelation that he actually considered killing his nephew while he was sleeping was a solid gut punch. I thought it was joke. A lie. But no, he actually confirmed it…….

The link that happens between Rey and Kylo Ren was pretty good i thought. It was one of the things i found to be very interesting. The later reveal about Snoke´s involvement was so and so. Neither here nor there.

Not sure how much Luke´s mention of Palpatine , and colossal mess-up by the Jedi in the prequels really excused Luke´s behavior. But he was damn right about the Jedi being absolute failures during that time.  But Luke was never a part of that.

The Yoda cameo…….  Really. Yoda waited 10 years before showing up ? What is that nonsense ?  And he could physically interact with the environment ? Since when? I thought this was very weak. And I didn´t like the look of him. Another inconsistency, as Yoda remained weak, frail, and  possibly demented as a force ghost, while both versions of Anakin returned to their former glory.

I did love the bit where R2 played the old message for Luke. But even that might have packed a harder punch if Leia was killed in the attack on the rebel fleet.

Leia. Surviving an explosion. Being sucked into space. I really thought that would be the end of her. But what they ended up doing . What the hell. And how they will write her out of episode 9 is the big question. They already said that they wouldn’t CGI her in episode 9. So what they hell will they do……

I liked the relationship between Holda and Leia. I was almost thinking that that was like a master and apprentice thing. It should have Leia who did what Holda ended up doing. I loved that bit. You could hear a pin drop in the theater. What a way to go out.

Captain Phasma ….. What is there to say really ? Im asking. There is NOTHING there. It was a cool concept for a trooper that they never fleshed out. She did less in this one than she did in TFA. Amazing as that might sound. Total waste imo.

When Kylo brings Rey to Snoke. This is where I thought it was going to get good. And the whole sequence was pretty damn sweet. But we never get any information about who this guy was , or where he came from. I guess he can still come back, if he indeed is Darth Plagueis , but this should have been confirmed or debunked.

When Kylo made his move and the fight ensued I was grinning ear to ear , but afterwards I was thinking about Snoke, his rise to power etc. We got nothing. Even when Luke was talking about how “Snoke had already turned Ben” I was like: When? How ? Please tell me !!! But it all just brushed aside. That was another weak point story wise.


One thing I really liked was the reveal of Rey´s parents . When she saw her own reflection in the cave I thought oh no, she´s like Anakin , a vergence birth or whatever. But when Kylo confronts her with the truth , that they were nobody, and they had just sold her/left her, it was quite emotional. I would have liked it if they had gone a little further with it. Maybe Kylo could have baited her into a fight. But I was actually glad that they did not have her be the daughter of a significant character.

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The ending with Luke sacrificing himself ( i guess ) to save (what?) a dozen Resistance people. I was bitterly disappointed. That is how the legendary last Skywalker goes out ? And what killed him `? Stress ?  Im sure he will be back as a force ghost, but there is no reason why they couldn’t keep him around for one more film.

One major thing that i kind of forgot about. Luke´s lightsaber gets destroyed in the confrontation between Kylo and Rey. That means she has to construct a new one . Which gives me hope for episode 9, and the possibility that she might make a double sided saber.




  • L.H.Pulsa Doom

    The treatment of the character of Luke was all wrong. The adding of jokes to the end of every threatening scene killed any tension that people might actually get hurt in a war. Disneyfication of Star Wars? It would seem so.
    Also all the plot set up from TFA was tossed out like Luke’s lightsaber. No answers for Snoke. Questions from TFA were ignored.
    The idea that the guy who risked everything to redeem his father would murder his nephew while he slept because he might be turning to the dark side was simply unacceptable.
    “Hamill knew it! I know it! The American people know it!” (In Norm MacDonald’s Senator Dole voice).
    What now? Rian has taken out the last members of the Big Three of the original trilogy. Luke could be a force ghost, but they only pop in to dispense some advice and leave. With Carrie Fisher dead, she can’t be Leia for IX. They say they will not CGI her into it. Do they kill Leia in the opening scroll? Off screen?
    I guess the ball is in JJ’s court for IX. How did Lucasfilm let this happen?
    “You got some ‘splaining to do, Kathleen!”

    Here’s an explanation of the loss of plot threads from VII to VIII.

  • Luke standing over Ben with the sabre .

    I try to block it out…..
    But I can´t get the image out of my head.


    • Troll Prince The White


      • Im not even over it……

        RT is at 50%. Its taking awhile longer than i though, but it will be in the forties soon.

        • Troll Prince The White

          But the shilling worked… the BO has been ticking up in comparison to TFA since they started…

          • I have a feeling that would have been the case without the shilling. I had no doubt it would make more than Rogue One. But how much less than TFA ….thats the question. Also, these “critics” need to search their feelings. They know they wrote some untrue bullshit.

            • Troll Prince The White

              And I’ve just run all the numbers down to Disney profit projections.

              It’s a total fucking disaster. They are going to miss by $200-$300M on TLJ and maybe 50% off on the merch.

              And now comes “Solo”… stuck between IW and Deadpool2. Wew. Bye bye!