Star Wars The Last Jedi D23 Expo , Oh my

Some nice tidbits were released for Star Wars episode 8 The Last Jedi at the recent D23 Expo. Character posters, behind the scenes videos , oh my.

These poster are pretty cool. Until i saw Kylo Ren i was thinking that the red robes might be for some new order, but I guess its just for the posters. Or maybe not, who knows.

Then there was this cool featurette that was released. There are some cool scenes where we see some fight training. It looks like Kylo might be fighting two people at the same time. Now this might be for a flashback scene to when he takes out the Jedi at Luke´s temple . Or could Luke and Rey fight him together. Again, who knows.

And the stars were out in style .

A new trailer would have been cool and all, but I can wait a while i guess. The release is not that far off now.Star Wars The Last Jedi will open in theatres December 15th. Its gonna be great 🙂