Star Wars Episode VIII Title Revealed as The Last Jedi


And now we know-

The title for the upcoming Star wars Episode VIII has been revealed. The Last Jedi will be the title for Rian Johnson’s film which will hit theatres this December.


The title will of course just fuel more speculation from both the fan community , and the online hatemongers. At present there is very little known about the film, and the only things to go by are the events of The Force Awakens , and of course some of the newcomers to the cast. Until a trailer drops we are all in the dark.

But seeing as the first trailers for episode VII really didn’t give us much to go on as far as the plot, we might be far far away from having anything concrete. The new trilogy is said to be pretty well mapped out from the get go, and with the massive box-office haul which TFA raked inn , there isn’t much reason to think that Episode VIII will be any less of a success.




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