Reboots Remakes And Reactions


Love them or hate them, one thing is certain. It doesnt matter what you think or how you feel. Remakes, and reboots will continue to be made because there is a possibility of profits to be made.

There are no movies that are above being remade. Even if the creators of the originals are dead set against it, and even if there is nobody who wants or asks for them, they will be made. Even the likes of E.T , and Back To The Future will eventually be remade. It’s just a matter of time. And why shouldn’t they be remade. It’s not like these films are flawless , and even if they were that’s not even relevant to the discussion. It’s all about the possibility of profit. The studio owns the rights , so they can do what they want regardless. And they will. And that’s not all. They will be remade again after that.

Just look at the recent remake of the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN . That was already a remake itself of AKIRA KUROSAWA’s 1954 black & white classic SEVEN SAMURAI. So a classic samurai tale gets remade into a classic western, and then gets remade again. And so it goes. And we could discuss endlessly if the remakes are good or not, but I have to come back my point again. It doesnt matter. Another good example is the 1961 samurai tale Yojimbo being remade into the Clint Eastwood starrer A Fistful of Dollars. And the hits just keep on coming. Scarface is being remade AGAIN. And even if you hold the Golden Globe and Razzie nominated crime classic by Brian dePalma in high regard, that was itself a remake of a 1929 film by the same name. And who’s to say that the new version starring Diego Luna won´t be an improvement.

One of my all time favourite movies is the fantastic REMAKE of Howard Hawks The Thing from Another World from 1951. Or was that a reboot ? Either way, the John Carpenter version is a masterpiece. And despite being a much more faithful adaptation of the source material It failed miserably at the box-office. Not that box-office or critical acclaim is a factor. The recent remake of the 11 time oscar winning Ben-Hur is a good example of that. Ben-Hur (1954) also a remake of course. But this time it was in 3D !! Didn´t help it much though.


Today I read that Warner Brothers are planning a remake/reboot/rehash of the 1999 sci-fi ( dare I say classic) Keanu Reeves starrer The Matrix. And why not. The story of the Matrix even implied that the events we witnessed in the original trilogy was an ongoing loop. Early word is that Michael B Jordan might be tapped to star, and there are many ways I can see that working. They might be starting out by telling the tale of how the “first” people started waking up from their captivity. That would at least be a new take of sorts. Or they might be just rehashing the “old” film, and having Michael B the One. Either way its going to happen. Like or not.


Not only is it happening, but in time the Michael B Jordan Matrix will be remade again, perhaps with a female protagonist as the lead ? I joked once that at some point we will see a remake of Citizen Kane. I joked it would be written, directed and starred in by Seth MacFarlane, and you might find that to be an absurd idea but I can almost guarantee that it has crossed Seth’s mind. The point is that when Ben-Hur,and The Maltese Falcon ( oh, you didn’t know ? ) can get remade two or three times, then why not Citizen Kane , and Casablanca . And although we might have to wait until Spielberg and Zemeckis are dead and buried, we will see the remakes of E.T , Back to the Future and even Jaws.

It’s just a matter of time.