Razzbender Reviews Star Wars The Force Awakens


10:00am this Wednesday morning December 16th I saw Star Wars The Force Awakens . And 17:40 pm later today I will see it again with my brothers and sisters. And I am really looking forward to seeing it again.

I will not be spoiling the film for anyone with what I write here today.  I will endeavour to to write about what I liked , and what I did not like without going into plot details or reveals.  If you have seen the trailers , or one or two of the 12 tv-spots then you will not be spoiled by anything I write here.

First off, this was emotional. In many different ways. At times I felt like I was tearing up. This brought me back to why I love the original trilogy. The magic was back! The look of this film is everything I wanted , but never got from the prequel trilogy. This did not look like a video game, and the decision to build sets, and use practical effects pays off big time.  Now of course there is CGI. I know that the X-Wings and TIE fighters are not really flying around. But watching the film I suspend disbelief with ease .

Plot wise I suppose I can say without spoiling it for you that the Rebels are now The Resistance , and The Empire is now The First Order.  Good guys vs Bad guys. And there is no denying that this film borrows heavily from Star Wars A New Hope. But not in a way that made me mad or disappointed. Its not a remake of Episode IV. It also borrows from Empire and Jedi.  But does so In a way that works !

The First Order is, no surprise , trying to regain the power and dominance lost by the Empire. And to do this they have built a weapon that literally dwarfs the Death Star, which they intend to use to get everyone to fall in line.  And who you gonna call ??  The Resistance !!  Lead by General Leia, and a few other familiar faces. The plot isn’t all that complex. No space taxes, no trade routes, and no galactic politics.

All the characters , old and new are introduced quite brilliantly. And its done in such a way that you don´t need to second guess anyone’s motivations or question their actions during the film.  The actors are all on board here. Everyone is taking this seriously. I’m sorry if I have to keep beating the shit out of this dead horse, but again, this is not the prequels .  I recently watched the Plinkett reviews AGAIN and the points made where the card board / dead eyes acting is concerned still makes me laugh. But then I feel sad knowing how horribly wrong all those films went. But back to The Force Awakens and the actors.

Daisy Ridley’s character Rey stands out the most. It seems to me that she is the real future of this series. At least episodes 8 and 9 anyway. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher deliver exactly what you would want. The spark is there as if it never left.


I also enjoyed John Boyega as Finn. He and the new droid BB-8 give us some of the more comedic elements of the film, and they all work brilliantly in my opinion. Its not forced on us ( pun intended ) and AGAIN, its not like that plank Hayden Christiansen delivering  ” this is where the fun begins”  bullshit.


The one character that really disappointed me was Captain Phasma played , presumably, by Gwendoline Christie. Its just that she isn’t in it much. And when she is its just….  meh ??  I understand that the character will return for other movies, but if they have nothing better for her to do, then i say why bother.


Oscar Isaac´s Poe Dameron  is what he is. The best pilot of The Resistance. Likeable sure. Interesting. Not really.


-What are you gonna do Poe ??

-Im gonna save the fucking day !!

I had to do that. There was no way around it……..


My absolute favourite character in The Force Awakens is Adam Driver´s Kylo Ren.  This is a great character. Serious and dark. With a temper that scares just about anyone. But there is depth to this character. He is more than anyone in the film, an emotional wreck. Too little back story is given to this character, and I really hope that we learn more about him going forward in the series. More about him and indeed the whole First Order. Because this film is fast paced. It does not take a break. It does not slow down to explain much . There is no time for that really, because as soon as it looks like there is gonna be some rest time, something attacks again. Some shit blows up. And its all really really fun !!

Now people who are up farther their own ass about movies than I am can have a go at the lighting, cinematography, and editing and all that other shit. That ain’t my bag people.  I can just say I really enjoyed watching this film, and I can not wait to see the continuation.  I see people writing its the best Star Wars since a New Hope.  I say flat out its better than A New Hope. It’s better than Jedi . Its damn near the best Star Wars film I’ve seen, but I will not place it above Empire.   I could nitpick a few things, but it would mean I would have to delve into plot points and I’m not gonna do that today.  But mind you It would just be things like ” why didn’t the eagles just fly them the whole way” kind of things.

Now you may realize that there are characters and actors that I have not mentioned at all. And there is a very good reason for that. Either they were not worth mentioning, or mentioning them would mean having to spoil stuff. Simple as that.

Go see Star Wars The Force Awakens people. I recommend it.  I was super stoked about seeing it. My expectations were SKY HIGH.  And IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT !!  And although I know some of you desperately wanted Jar Jar Abrams to fail.  He did not.  He got this right. He got this very very right.

Now I have to gear up for my second viewing of the day. Its 14:30pm now. Show begins at 17:40.  And i am REALLY looking forward to seeing the movie again. And again. And again.

Edit :  I saw it In 3D.  I wish I could have seen it in 2D. For me, again, the 3D is just a gimmick, and its not used the way I believe 3D should be used. See it in 2D if you can.


This is my jam !!!!

  • Rose-Rey

    Great write up Razz! I loved it too and went 2D because I can’t be doing with those glasses. So looking forward to having the DVD in due course so I can watch it over and over!

    • Thank you.

      Oh I’m buying it. I might even fork up for the Blu Ray. Hopefully with some episode 8 and/or Rogue One footage.

  • the enigmatic RJD


    i mean spoiling it

  • Dr. Emmett L. Brown

    Well done. Thanks for giving us a regular guy, regular fan type review. The big shots can nitpick over lighting, plot similarities, etc.

  • I_am_better

    Well, I’m actually relieved to read this.
    I guess I should go see it

    • 2D if possible man. I only went to 3D because it was the biggest screen.

      • I_am_better