Just some random trailers that have been released. Some of these look real good, but then again, I’ve been fooled once or twice by a kick ass trailer , only to be really disappointed in the actual film. Still…….Enjoy !

Netflix are really making a go of it with their own films. I hate that Adam Sandler deal like the black death , but this trailer looks like it could be a lot of fun.

I’ve enjoyed the new Apes films so far. This however does look like its a rehash of the previous film. Only “biggerer and badderer” .  Hope its good though. I wonder if we will ever see a remake of the original though, set in this new Apeverse ?


Very interesting trailer. I have no knowledge of the source material, but I will be checking this out for sure.

Honestly, Im not really feeling it. It looks very much more of the same. I just hope they have learned that they don´t have to kill the villains. Fat chance of Vulture surviving since he obviously finds out Spider-Man’s “secret” identity.Dammit !!


Put an S and a H in front of IT.



I really dig a good horror film. So few live up to the trailers these days. But this  indie horror thriller film , A Dark Song, from Irish/Welsh filmmaker Liam Gavin looks like it just might deliver the goods.



Not really my kind of thing, but I can´t discount the latest from director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed, Jurassic World). A nice looking cast right there. Just drama though. No sci-fi action or dinosaurs at all…..  Can it still work 🙂

SOLD !!! Im so ready for this !! Winter Is Coming….In July !!


Well there you have it. Be sure to come back sometime when I maybe , possibly, post some more trailers for your enjoyment ( or disgust )