First Official Trailer For VENOM


Lethal Anti Hero

Tom Hardy stars in the first official trailer for VENOM from Sony Pictures. Based on the iconic villain from the Spider-Man comics, the film also stars Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams. For your viewing pleasure check out the trailer below.

So we don´t get one single shot of VENOM in the trailer, which is really lame if you ask me. I know its a teaser, but for christ sake, at least TEASE him them. And it looks to me like the Life Foundation gets their hands on the symbiote before it joins with Brock, which means the Spider-Man part of the origin is out the window, and the connection to the MCU is not happening. Such a shame. #NotMyVenom


Just The Beginning

The VENOM script is by Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle), and the film will serve as the first installment in a new series of Sony-backed comic book movies based on Spider-Man anti heroes like Eddie Brock aka. Venom, along with characters like Silver Sable and Black Cat. The film takes inspiration from the two separate Venom books Lethal Protector and Planet Of The Symbiotes.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer (ZombielandGangster Squad) the film still has eight months of post production before its release in October.

We Are Worried

Venom Tom Hardy



  • Talk about failure to launch. This will surely suck and afterwards, sony will surrender the rights. hahahahah !