The New SDCC Trailer For The Justice League

Warner and his brothers came through and released the new trailer for their upcoming Justice League film. Check it out below :


It is widely reported that this film has undergone some massive reshoots, and the film is basically completely redone after Joss Whedon came onboard. WB ousted Hack Snyder , who up until recently had complete control of the DCeU. Personally I think Snyder is the reason the Flash film lost not one but two directors. There is no doubt that Snyder bears ALL blame for the utter disasters that was Man of Steel and BvS, the latter of which was the worst film i’ve seen  in a very very long time.

Now I don´t think the change of director will save the Justice League film. It has too much hack in it . I won´t pay to see it either, just like I didn’t go to see Wonder Woman, although I hear that film is actually not very bad. Its a matter of principal. When you treat these characters which i know and love the way Hack Snyder did, I have to be allowed to react, and really the only way I can do so is by not supporting the venture. Even in this new trailer they try acting like Superman was this beacon of light , even though the two previous films by Snyder do NOTHING to show that. Quite the opposite. I see some humor forced into the footage , and I liked that Steppenwolf named dropped the Lantern Corps. Other than that my feelings have not changed towards the film.

I will eventually see the film, but I choose to do so when they become available online. Someone already sent me a HD copy of Wonder Woman, but I’ve not bothered wasting my time with it. I guess you would have to be a fan of Superman to understand my anger towards Hack Snyder, and Warner on this one. The only thing that comes close to this kind of butchery is how Fox made Logan/Wolverine into a crying , sad, bitchy, self pitying limo driver in this years LOGAN. A movie I hated with a passion. But again, If you have no clue about who the Wolverine is, then I bet you loved that film too.

Justice League stars Ben Affleck , Henry Cavill , Gal Gadot , Jason Momoa as Seaman, Ezra Miller , Ray Fisher, Willem Dafoe , Jesse Eisenberg , Jeremy Irons , Diane Lane as MARTHA !!, Connie Nielsen , Amber Heard, Kiersey Clemons, J.K. Simmons, and Amy Adams

Justice League will open in theaters on November 10, 2017.