New Logan Trailer



A new trailer for the upcoming 20th Century Fox movie LOGAN dropped today. Check it out below :


With each new promo, clip and trailer we see just how little this is based on the Old Man Logan comic. Looking at that opening at the gas station it seems that the world has not changed at all. This is something I knew very well from the start. The OML story was never going to be possible for FOX to adapt, so much like with their Origins film, they decide to butcher it, and hope for the best.

The early word on the film is that its actually pretty good, but how many times have we heard that spiel already. For me personally I just hope that this is indeed the last time Who Jack Man plays Wolverine. For all his supposed love and respect for the character, and the source material , it has been painfully obvious that Who does not have a clue. How they managed to make The Wolverine into what they did when it was supposed to be based on the awesome  Frank Miller  story is anyone’s guess.

I’ve lost count on how many times Logan has cried on screen now, but Im sure we will see it again in this last outing. That just isn’t who Logan is. The character was mismanaged from the get go really. The forced love triangle between logan, Cyclops and Jean Grey was the first mistake, and it just snowballed from there. Fox put too much emphasis on the Wolverine character , and the movie series suffered from that from start to finish. It became clear that FOX did not have  a clue how to make an X-Men film without Wolverine, which speak volumes on just how little they understood about the property they owned.

After the success of Deadpool the smarks on the web are screaming for a Deadpool/Wolverine team-up , which could be cool if not for the fact that these characters have no connection whatsoever in the current film series. When Deadpool was a product of the Weapon X program it would have made sense, but like I mentioned earlier, FOX butchered that story in order to make a quick buck, but instead made one of the worst comic book movies ever.

Now it seems like they have discarded the X-Men completely in order to put all their eggs in the Deadpool basket. The shortsightedness of this fits in perfectly with their earlier decisions , but I highly doubt that Deadpool 2 will live up to the hype. I thought Deadpool was enjoyable , but it was nothing special. I won’t even get my hopes up for the sequel. Its painfully obvious that they have no clue about Cable either. That characters parentage , and his never ending struggle against Apocalypse is what makes the character what he is. And much like Logan and Deadpool before him, Im sure that what Cable ends up being in the movie is nothing remotely close to what fans know and love. Im sure that Cable will get the same onscreen treatment that characters like Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike ,The Blob, Juggernaut, Silver Samurai and Apocalypse got before him. Utter rubbish , watered down versions which bears no resemblance to the character from the comics. I know they are setting up Mr Sinister as the main bad guy in LOGAN , but lets face it; Apocalypse isn’t involved so its already fucking ruined.

Just please let this be the last Who Jack Man movie, and then take a fucking breather, and maybe someday reboot The X-Men and get it right. The Raven and The X-Kids movies sure as shit isn’t the way forward.