Michelle Williams Joins The ‘Venom’ Cast

Im 50-50 on this movie. I trust the Marvel part with 50% and the Sony part I dread. But the casting has had me intrigued. No exception with the news today that Michelle Williams ( of Dawson’s Creek fame ) has joined the cast of the Venom movie.

Unfortunately the images used above in this write up is not telling of what Sony is planning. I’ve said all along , even before the movie got going, that Sinner Takes All would be an epic way to start off a Venom franchise. The news of Carnage being the villain got me down. I can´t see them doing a joint origin story with those two without totally breaking from the books. And now the news is that Michelle Williams is NOT playing Eddie Brock´s ex wife ( She-Venom for a few minutes ) but that she will play some district attorney , and possible love interest for Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock.  So Im guessing she puts Cletus Kassidy away for murder , and shock shock horror horror , Carnage wants to tear her apart, and Venom has to save the day……… Im bored just thinking about this plot. That said Hardy and Williams are great actors, and I hope they get a good script together.

Now, Who will play the ginger killer ?

Image result for cletus cassidy Related image

I’d like to suggest Conor McGregor , but I would like an actor to play the part. So I go with my first choice for Venom instead .

Production begins this fall on Venom and it is set for an October 5, 2018 release.