Marvel TV vs MCU vs Fox ( ? ) : Dawn Of Shared Rights ?

The continuing of Agents of Shield is basically like the Matrix.It’s upside down world. I wonder if they can stretch it farther into the comic mythos. The last episode showed the continuing story where the team is trapped in the framework, but as Im writing this I have yet to see the episode.

The word is that Mallory Jansen is now playing Madame Hydra ( in the Framework/Matrix) and of course at the same time she plays Ada the android in the “real” world.
I’ve really liked the Ada character a lot during the progression of the LMD story. She is a great villain. I don´t have to see it to know she´s a great actress already, so she will knock it out of the park. I know Madame Hydra is a lesser known comic character, but it’s interesting to note that Fox already used the character in their Wolverine film. Does this mean that Viper, and potentially others that Fox have film rights to, can be used in Marvel’s TV productions ? Fox television had to strike a deal with Marvel in order to get Legion , and the forthcoming X-Men tv series made. Because 20th Century Fox only had the film rights for the X-Men, not the television rights.

For arguments sake, could Marvel TV and Netflix make a 2 episode tv movie (60min runtime pr part.) featuring Hulk and Dr Octopus etc ? Use Imagination. Netflix and Amazon are inn it to win it. 

If the case is that Sony has the theatrical film rights to Doc Ock , and Universal has the Hulk rights ( Graciously loand to Marvel Studios for numerous shared projects )
But for animations, comics, and I believe TV , It’s a whole different deal.

Its funny to think about now how Universal got Robert Downey Jr on loan from the MCU . They should have continued like that. Hulk 2, with Black Widow cameo etc ? Why not.

I’ve written before about the film rights and specifically future use of The Hulk in the Shared MCU, and if the answer is TV Netflix movies , or some Universal On Demand service or a co production of both ? Whatever. It would be cool to see it happen. The potential is there for Netflix making a billion dollars off a Shared Universe Production featuring The X-Men (already established) Avengers ( pay the actors) Spider-Man ( Sony is ready for good deals ) . Speaking of Sony, what if they banked Netflix to make a 13 hour Venom origin story to precede  their Venom feature film ( pushed to 2020 to go head to head with the CYBORG feature film ) . Im saying Come Together to Fox, Sony, Netflix, Universal , Mobile Company tie-in possibilities INC etc. Think of the SHARED profits. Shared Cinematic Universe Productions 🙂

A huge What If for sure , but a real fun one.  If Netflix can make a deal to make 4 more Adam Sandler movies for a combined cost of $240 million or whatever deal he made then surely an event series like Secret Wars ( 6 hour mini series ) with the combined characters of X-Men and Avengers is a good investment . What if it guaranteed another 100 000 subscribers worldwide. It could ?

What I don´t want however is for more a-list characters to be wasted in these tv productions. Deathstroke , and The Absorbing Man come to mind , as Agents of SHIELD used and abused both. Absorbing Man is a character that can go toe to toe with the likes of Hulk, and Thor, so seeing him defeated by Coulson’s merry band of misfits really didn’t sit well with me. I do not want to see iconic characters wasted just for a cheap pop.