A Man Will Make A Batgirl Movie For @wbpictures !! Rabble rabble rabble !!


According to Variety Joss Whedon is in talks to write, direct, and produce an untitled Batgirl feature film for Warner and his Brothers as a part of their DC Extended Universe.

No other producers are currently attached to the film,which hopefully means NO HACK SNYDER. Toby Emmerich at WB will be overseeing the project with Jon Berg and Geoff Johns.

This is the second film from WB/DC to feature a female lead, with the upcoming Wonder Woman feature being the first. Already the SJW feminazi´s on twitter are all “outraged” because A MAN is in charge. These whiny trolls couldn’t just take it as good news, they needed to shit all over Joss because he´s a man. Its so funny to watch , it really is. Like how in the hell is Joss gonna make a movie about a female superhero ?

Whedon of course will be one of the first directors to move over from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the fledgling DCeU. Whedon wrote and directed “The Avengers” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” for Disney-Marvel. Im still not so sure about how wise it is to start all these other smaller DC films before Justice League has even come out. And STILL there is no director to take the reigns on the floundering Flash movie, which already has lost two directors.

The DCeU started with  “Man of Steel,” followed by the critically slammed “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and the scrabbled “Suicide Squad” film after that.  “Wonder Woman” is the next film to come out, followed by Hack Snyder’s  “Justice League,” which hopefully won’t suck as bad as BvS did. “Aquaman,” is then set for release in theaters December 2018.Unless Justice League fails and Warner and his Brothers pull the plug on the Snyderverse once and for all.

I hope they cast a transgender person of color as the lead, just so the SJW trolls will shut up. Then only the neo-nazi purist will have an issue with the film, and who the hell cares about that shit right.


  • I am concerned
    1. Age of Ultron was shit.
    2. Batgirl Meh.. I belive it diminishes the value of Batman,

    Should have gone with huntress, zatana or hawkgirl.

    • I agree. I can see the character working, but I would like to see Batman, Flash, Lantern etc get their movies done before starting with “supporting” characters. Starting a Batgirl or Nightwing movie before The Batman just seems wrong.

      Also, Metropolis is just across the bay. Superman can hear everything 😉