Josh Brolin Is Cable ! For 4 Movies !

20th Century Fox has found its Cable. After endless names being talked and gossiped about regarding the role of Nathan Summers in the forthcoming Deadpool 2 , the part has now been inked. Josh Brolin will play the time travelling mutant CABLE.

I’ve held off on writing about this casting for a while now. Actors have petitioned for it , and Fox must have considered every actor in Hollywood for it. It comes as a little bit of a shock that Josh Brolin has been cast. Just because he is already the mad titan Thanos in the ongoing MCU. And he is signed to play Deadpool for 4 films. Those being Deadpool 2 and 3, but also the X-Force movies which Fox is producing.

Brolin is cool as all hell , and Im sure he will do a great job playing Cable. But the role will be marred with thoughts of what ifs regardless. I myself was super stoked when Stephen Lang showed interest to play it. Then Kyle Chandler was in the mix, Pierce Brosnan got linked to it, and even Russell Crowe himself tweeted at the director adding a fan made photo of himself as Cable. Any one of those actors would have been interesting to see as Nate Summers. At any rate its gonna be interesting to see how Deadpool 2 plays out. With the addition of Cable there is a real chance that Deadpool might one day connect with the current X-Men , ca 1980s where we saw them last in X-Men Apocalypse.  Damn shame I have to say that Apocalypse got wasted like he did. Cable´s main opponent has always been Apokalypse , and when the two are not connected a all, i feel Cable´s character is lessened. But at any rate…. that’s the Fox Marvel curse. Use and abuse 🙂

Stay tuned for more on Deadpool 2 : Electric Boogaloo