Hollywood Silly Season 2017/18

Every year around this time It starts again. The studios send out their screeners in hopes that they will get the award votes. The time I like to call Hollywood Silly Season. And each year these screener copies find their way online. And it is a happy time for cinephiles everywhere. Last year It took quite a while for the screeners to start dropping. At one point I thought they might have gotten their act together. But no, the screeners started dropping around January. Fences was the first to drop I believe. Which film will start it off this time. That Is The Big Question

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 A few years ago I remember the leaks actually was traced back to a high level studio exec. If that was someone working for the exec , or if it was some sort of “sabotage” angle , releasing the competitions movies online to hurt box office numbers, who knows? Not me. But I do think this whole “season” is quite fascinating.  This year, with the exception of Star Wars and maybe Molly´s Game , there really aren’t any movies that I am that excited about.  I believe Molly´s Game might be a solid contender for Best Picture, and Best Actress. Other than that I really don´t know.  It´s seems like this year will be the year of the females. Look for at least two female directors being nominated for best director and also their films being nominated for best picture. Detroit being a strong possibility for director Kathryn Bigelow . The only problem is that the subject matter was last year’s Oscar theme. Too little too late perhaps ? Then there is Greta Gerwig´s directorial debut Lady Bird, which is getting rave reviews . 


Having only seen the “Everything Wrong With” Wonder Woman video on youtube Im BAFFLED that there was talk of a best picture nod for that one. But if it does get a nod, and Patty Jenkins gets a director nod for that generic film, then we will truly know just how ludicrously political this “award show” has become


I,Tonya might also be a good contender as Margot Robbie not only stars, but also is producing the film.  One of my hopes is that Get Out will get a director’s nomination for Jordan Peele. Get Out is without a doubt one of the best films of the year. But will the academy give the nod to a horror film ? It´s been awhile since they gave a horror film the nod.


But back to Hollywood Silly Season. Will they start dropping ? Which will be the first ? It´s all so exciting.

I will update this post when the films drop. I will NOT link to any copy of the films, streaming sites or torrents etc.  Thats not what this is about. If you are so inclined, you have to find them all by your lonesome. Sound off in the comments if you hear about any screeners dropping . And enjoy this magical time of year.


The first proper awards screener has dropped. And I dare to say no one will be voting for it in any category. Not due to the quality of the film, but because of its baggage . The film to usher in this years silly season is :

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 TV producer Glen Topher is a divorced dad whose teenage daughter China is living with him during her senior year. Glen takes China to a Hollywood party where he meets his idol Leslie Goodwin, the auteur who inspired his career. During the evening, the gossip about Goodwin’s preference for underage girls begins to look plausible to Glen when the older man shows an intense interest in China. And when Goodwin invites her to go to Paris with him, Glen has to start doing some serious parenting.

Initial release: September 9, 2017
Director: Louis C.K.
Screenplay: Louis C.K.
Cinematography: Paul Koestener
Music by: Robert Miller; Zachary Seman
Producers: Louis C.K., Vernon Chatman



  • I guess I should specify something here. The screeners I am looking out for are the ones not yet released in cinemas, or bluray. Movies like Get Out, Split, Wonder Woman, and the GAWD AWFUL Logan will definitely be sent out as screeners, but anyone can walk into a store and buy them right now, so they are not the “droids” Im looking for. So to speak.

    • Pine Apple

      The Last Jedi and The Phantom Thread might be the holy grails this time.

      • No way will TLJ drop. They aint sending out screeners. If it did, my heart would explode.

        I’ve heard little about The Phantom Thread. I just know it’s DDL last outing.

        Molly´s Game. Thats the one I want to see.

        • Pine Apple

          Well then there’s Blade Runner, of course

          • Another one ( of too many ) I haven’t seen this year.

            • Pine Apple

              I didn’t have money in the two weeks it played in my hometown. One of the biggest regrets of this year

              • Reading that Blade Runner will come out on digital platforms on the 26th. So either that day, or some days prior it will most likely be all over the webz.