DC Films Looking To Rush Another Movie For 2018 ?


The news comes via Variety’s Justin Kroll who sent out a series of tweets about Warner and his Brothers wanting to fill the void left by the Batman´s delay.

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Im glad to see The Flash mentioned again, but surely that would be a go already if they had a script. Having already lost two directors for reasons unknown, its not a wild guess thinking that the script really isn’t up to par. It seems to me from what we have seen of the DCeU version of Barry Allen that he is a very different character from what he is in the comics, or the successful ongoing tv series on the CW.


The Gotham City Sirens movie could indeed be a frontrunner , but getting Margot Robbie on short notice seems a bit much to ask. Also there is something about expanding the Batman’s rogue gallery without the bat himself that does not sit well with me. The script is said to be written ( scribbled in 6 weeks) and David Ayer is set to direct. There was word of Megan Fox being eyed for the role of Poison Ivy, and a few weeks back Ayer tweeted a photo of a Black Mask, hinting that BM would be the villain of the film. Haley Bennett has been liked with the role of Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman as well. Christ, that’s a lot of characters to introduce in one film isnt it ? Perhaps getting rid of Poison Ivy would be good idea and having it be just the non meta ladies going up against Black Mask……. But that would mean a rewrite wouldn’t it. Ugh.

Im surprised that the Cyborg movie isn’t in contention here. That being one of the many films that was first slated when DC made their big announcement a while back. As for Dark Universe, a.k.a. Justice League Dark, that could indeed be a good choice, but that is a lot of characters that would have to be cast, and for that reason alone it might make it the least likely to be fast tracked. The recent animated movie was very enjoyable so I say don´t rush this one.

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A Green Lantern movie set in space could indeed be interesting, with the early word being that is to be a buddy-cop type film with Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart.But again, it seems a big ask to cobble together a script, a director, and two name actors on such short notice.


The likely choice for me would be the Sirens movie, but in all honesty I wouldn’t want anymore of these DC films to be rushed into production. We don´t know yet if Wonder Woman or the Justice League movie will even be received well by fans or critics ( critics don´t matter, yes, we are making it for the fans etc )

Well Im a fan, and Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad didn’t sit well with me at all. Im still fuming that they wasted Doomsday like they did. Luthor should have made that wheelchair dude into Metallo dammit !!! And the death of Superman should have had its own 2 movie ark at the very least. Not crammed into the last minutes of a Batman v Superman movie. BvS should have been more than enough of a concept to make a good film. I know some fans are suffering from what i can only describe as a type of stockholm syndrome in regards to the Snyderverse, but anyone saying that the way those characters were portrayed in BvS was anywhere near as good as it should have been , seems to me to be quite disingenuous. Oh what could have been……..



What say you fans ? Should Warner and his brothers fast-track  any of these movies or should they take deep breath, count to ten, and try to get them done right ?