Universal´s The Mummy unwraps some cast members


Jake Johnson and Annabelle Wallis have joined Universal´s so called The Mummy reboot.


Photo reflects his role in the film

Photo reflects his role in the film

Johnson will play a military character ( LOL, to make Tom Cruise look like a real man ) and Wallis will play an archaeologist ( LOL, eye candy ) They join Xenu-lover Tom Cruise , and actress Sofia Boutella who reportedly is playing The Mummy ( Djeezes )

Sofia Boutella ?

Sofia Boutella ?

The storyline is to be set in modern day for no good reason, with Cruise’s character to be a special forces soldier. Of course he is special forces. Those guys are always raiding ancient egyptian tombs.

The Mummy is directed by Alex Kurtzman (another  Red Flag ) and is set to be released on June 9, 2017

So Universal is set to make another ” Sexy Monster “. They don´t seem to understand that these iconic characters are HORROR MONSTERS . And that will be the demise of their Cinematic Universe i think. And that’s just my opinion of course. But I don´t understand why they can’t go all out HORROR.  I mean the SAW franchise went over the top, balls out, and made a helluva lot of money. It can be done. Now I’m not saying it should be torture porn, but I’m not really exited about Tom Cruise fucking a beautiful “archeologist ” while being chased by a sexy MILF .  That’s not the Mummy I want to see. Or, to put it another way, that’s not something I will PAY to see.




Justice League casts J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon


Oscar winner J.K. Simmons has been cast as the Gotham City police commissioner. This is pretty great casting. Although I very much enjoyed the previous version where Gary Oldman played the character.


Recently J.K responded to the petition for bringing him back as J.Jonah Jameson for The Spectacular Spider-Man, saying he would be open to return to the role., This however might be closing that door ?  Not that I think JJJ is set to appear onscreen in the first outing for Tom Holland as the wall crawler.

Due to start filming in April, “Justice League Part One” is scheduled to open on November 17, 2017,  Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot will first be seen as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in Turkish Airlines commercial “Batman v Superman v Cave Troll: Dawn of Justice”  March 25, 2016.  Well, March 22th for me 😉


Obviously this is a big deal for J.K . He has that Oscar which i bet raises his payday. Justice League ( Part One and Two )  might not feature his character a whole lot, but then there is the standalone Batman film(s) which Ben Affleck will direct and star inn. Hopefully Simmons will knock it out of the park so to speak.


What say you to this casting. Will J.K do a better job than Oldman ?  Who is your fav Gordon so far ?Any love for Pat Hingle ?



Source: ‘Justice League’ Adds J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon (Exclusive) 

Exclusive to the internet 🙂

Zendaya Joins The Spectacular Spider-Man .


Its not official , but yeah Im calling it  THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman has landed a key role in the “The Spectacular Spider-Man”  starring Tom Holland. She is apparently one of Disney’s contracted kids.  I have no clue who she is or what she has done. Thats due to me not watching the disney channel. But I do know that Disney kids have a 90% higher chance of falling completely off the rails than your average kids.



The character she is supposed to be playing is also an unknown.  IMDB says her character is simply called Michelle. Now Marvel/Disney are known for keeping their secrets somewhat under wraps, so this might be a fake name. Its also very possible that the character is just simply a throwaway character with little or no bearing on the plot. The actress is 19 years old and I’m guessing she is playing a popular high school kid who just happens to look like a 19 year old glam model.

Its gonna be interesting to see if this incarnation of Peter Parker will be the geeky kid from the comics. The Toby version simply skipped the whole thing really, and that last british dude who looked like James Dean, skate boarded and got the hottest chick in school SURE AS SHIT didn’t resemble this dork :


With the issue of bullying always being relevant It would be kind of nice to actually see this played out over at least 2 movies.  Show us that Parker is unpopular. Show us that he is bullied. Not only bullied for being the smartest kid , but also physically bullied , even though after the spider-bite he could trash the entire football team by himself, but has to restrain himself from doing so.  Show us how he struggles with these issues. Don’t just brush them off by reducing YEARS of comics into  5 minutes of screentime, and then ruin that by giving him a goddamn skateboard and the prettiest girl around. The reason Parker/Spider-Man became a beloved character was because the readers could relate to him. Don’t just brush that off AGAIN.  Keep him an unpopular , bullied , awkward kid for the entire series ! Looks don´t matter right ?  Its what’s on the inside that counts and all that other crap we get told that isn’t true etc

It can’t be that hard can it ? Im sure those guys who wrote VACATION can pull it off……….


Another thing is what The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit tweeted specifically about  Zendaya’s casting. That is part of the studio’s plan to go heavily multi-cultural with the new film.

“Sources tell me that Marvel/Sony has been looking to go heavily non-white with the SPIDER-MAN supporting cast.”

Now If that is true I just wish I could believe that it was because they genuinely wanted diversity. But that ain’t the case. Because then they could have gone with Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker and actually made a difference . After the fake outrage from ” black twitter” about Will Smith not winning every Oscar this year ,  I’m guessing we will see a lot of this in upcoming projects.



It wouldn’t surprise me if they made Flash Thompson into a black kid who plays basketball , as opposed to him being a red haired white kid who plays football.  Point is he is the worst bully in school, so yeah, that would be a HUGE mistake. But I’m certain we will see it.  Previous genius ideas like this was making The Kingpin of Crime , and Electro black. How nice they included them for diversity. Both villains of course. Bravo to you all. Its such a bold thing to do!!

We shall see in the not so distant future Spider.Friends ! A co-production between Sony and Marvel Studios, The SPECTACULAR Spider-Man will be swinging into theaters on July 7, 2017. And I will be watching the 2D version, because 3D sucks, and has never improved a single film i’ve watched in 3D. So there !



Source: Zendaya Joins ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot  


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Bruce Willis’ ‘Death Wish’ Remake Finds Directors

Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado will direct the remake of “Death Wish,” starring Bruce Willis.

Source: Bruce Willis’ ‘Death Wish’ Remake Finds Directors | Variety


I must admit I thought this was a joke when I read the headline. A Death Wish remake is bad enough, but a Death Wish remake starring Bruce Willis is just laughable. Now its not that the character that Charles Bronson played needed that much acting chops anyway. In fact it looked like Bronson didn’t even try to act in those films. He just said his (few) lines, shot the bag guys , and did the occasional duck from oncoming gunfire .

I just have a hard time seeing Bruce in that role. The immediate fear is that he is just gonna do his John Mcclane routine. The one from the last two films mind you, not the one from the original when the character was an actual human being , and there was a director at the helm that knew how to direct a film.


This Israeli team of directors are also unknown to me. I have not seen their film Big Bad Wolves , but I would say they deserve better than having a Bruce Willis film as their first outing in Hollywood. Produced by the guy who made the Rush Hour films no less. These guys are in for a challenge. Be warned Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado. Be warned.

The original was made for an impressive $3 million dollars back in the day. That would get them Bruce Willis on set for 3 days today.  Its gonna be fun to watch this thing develope. Im guessing New York will not be the location . Unless they make it period piece from the time when New York was a shithole with out of control crime , and gang warfare.  That might actually be a good idea. So lets just put that right out of our minds shall we.