A rumor about the first stand alone Star Wars spin off.

And thats all it is. Just a rumor.

According to SlashFilm the 2016 Star Wars spin-off movie is about the group of people out to pull off the ultimate heist in a galaxy far, far away.

What the group is trying to steal is the plans for the first Death Star. Big whoop.

The story would follow a group of bounty hunters who were hired for the job — like the Seven Samurai or Suicide Squad meets Ocean’s Eleven in the world of Star Wars. That sounds kind of cool i guess.

bounty hunters mondo

Some sources who claim to have inside information on the Star Wars universe acknowledged this was possible and others suggest it has a few strings of truth, but might not be the whole truth.

So it might be bullshit. I´ll just file this under rumor and move along.

Razzle Wan Razzle

Is The Rock doing a remake of TWINS ??

I think he might be. He put this picture up on INSTAGRAM a few hour ago.


“Fired up reading the script of my next movie – Big action comedy. Surprise announcement this week of who my co-star will be. Here’s a hint… in the right lighting and camera angles, we could pass as twins! #OurMamasWillBeProud #IThinkWeHaveTheSameDaddy #GetReadyWorld #ThisShitIsGonnaBeFunny”

I don’t see this fitting in with any other movie he has in the pipeline, so im gonna go out on a limb and say YES, The Rock is doing a TWINS remake.

There were some rumors a few years back that Arnold, and Danny  would reprise their roles from the original, and do a sequel called TRIPLETS .  But that seems to have faded away.

So who would the other TWIN be ?  For my money, im gonna go with WHO CARES !!!!!

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Michael Fassbender is Sonys THIRD choice to play Steve Jobs in the Aaron Sorkin scripted biopic

With Christian Bale saying ” FUCK this project”  as soon as Seth Rogen was in talks to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak., Sony has moved quickly to find the man to portray the late Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Michael Fassbender is in early talks to play “Jobs” in the the Sony biopic that Danny Boyle is directing.


Based on Walter Isaacson’s biography “Steve Jobs,” the real-life drama is directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin. Scott Rudin will produce along with Mark Gordon and Guymon Casady.

Sorkin has publicly said the movie will be divided into three long scenes, each taking place backstage before one of Apple’s famous product launches.

“The first one being the Mac,” he told the Daily Beast. “The second one being NeXT, after he had left Apple. And the third one being the iPod.”

“It’s a little like writing about the Beatles,” he added. “There are so many people out there that know him and revere him.”

Leonardo DiCaprio had been circling the role but eventually passed to take time off from acting. David Fincher had also been in talks at one point to direct.

Sony acquired rights following the Apple mogul’s death in 2011.


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Christian Bale quits Steve Jobs biopic because of Seth Rogen casting

Thats the damn truth. They had a winning thing going. Aaron Sorkin writing it, Danny Boyle directing, and Bale playing the lead.  Then they fucked it up by casting Seth Rogen as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.


As soon as Bale heard that shit, he was like ” FUCK THIS SHIT!”


Now who will play Steve Jobs ??  Might as well go with Michael Cera.


And just cast Melissa McCarthy as the female lead.


Fuck this movie !!!  Might as well let James Franco direct now!!!!

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