Rogue One : A Star Wars Review ( Spoiler free )


My oh my how the time flies. I must say that going into this one I had my shoulders down a hell of a lot more than I did when seeing The Force Awakens for the first time. The first in a hopefully long line of stand alone Star Wars Anthology films, Rogue One brings back the magic in a serious way.

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Captain America 3 : Civil War Review

CivilWar characters

Captain America 3 : The Winter Soldier Part 2 aka Avengers 3 : Civil War was an awesome and fun action thriller roller coaster ride !

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Razz Reviews ROOM


Spoiler-ish. But If you have seen the trailer, then I really won’t spoil anything for you here.



I finally got around to watching ROOM last night. I’ve been putting it off for a long time ,partially due to the subject matter , but also due to the genre. I’m not the biggest fan of drama, and when there are so many films queuing up ,films like this are easily put at the back of the line.

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson and written by Emma Donoghue, based on her novel of the same name, the film tells the story of Joy (Brie Larson) and her 5-year-old son Jack (Jacob Tremblay) who have been held captive for seven years in an enclosed space, who finally gain their freedom, allowing the boy to experience the outside world for the first time.

The story is very well told, and the actors here do a damn fine job portraying these characters . Much has been said of Brie Larson´s performance , which is without doubt an award winning performance. But for me it’s the performance by Jacob Tremblay that really caught me by surprise. More often than not, child actors are terrible. And in a film like this, which above all else is about the relationship between parent and child , this movie could have easily fallen apart if they had cast a “Jake Lloyd”.

Jacob Tremblay’s only previous outing into film before ROOM was as Blue Winslow in the live-action animated film The Smurfs 2, and I seriously doubt that the kid learned anything of significance acting wise on that show. But in Room this kid is incredible. He displays the entire spectrum of emotion damn near flawlessly, and throughout the film I kept thinking this kid would have given Leo a run for his money in the Best Actor category.

As I said , my trepidation about this film was the subject matter. There have been some well documented cases the last few years about situations like this , which unfortunately, and for most people unfathomably is a very real thing. But if you are having those same feeling and putting off watching this film for the same reason, then rest assured that this is NOT a horror movie. It’s a very warm, and moving depiction about the relationship between a mother and her child who just happen to be in a very messed up situation. We get the sense that the real horror of the situation has preceded the events in which we find the characters when the movie begins. Joy has been in the ROOM for 7 years, and In this time she has given birth to her son Jack , who has never known anything about the outside world. Joy has deliberately mislead Jack about the reality of their situation,and indeed about the world at large, which as far as Jack is concerned is all tv-magic. But at the outset of the film , having just “celebrated” Jack´s fifth birthday , she endeavours to explain the situation they are in , in order to enlist his help in an attempt to escape their dire predicament. The scenes between Joy and Jack at this stage are exceptionally good. And the scenes where she tries to explain the difference between real, and tv-real will resonate with just about anyone who has ever tried to explain anything to a five year old child.

The second half of the film is about Joy and Jack acclimatizing to the real world after being kept hostage for so long. Here Tremblay again outshines Larson , as all of it is shown from Jack’s point of view. Having never been outside of the Room , never seeing the sky, a tree , a car, or other people ,  the sensory overload for this kid is brilliantly portrayed.

The supporting cast shines here as well , with Joan Allen playing Joy´s mother ,  Tom McCamus playing her new husband and William H Macy playing Joy´s father.  In truth Macy has very little screentime. The disappearance of Joy devastated her parents marriage, and her father is the one who seems least equipped to deal with her return. But the film does not get lost by dwelling too much on these supporting characters. It wisely keeps the focus on Joy and Jack throughout, and I can not stress enough how good this kid is from start to finish. It really is HIS movie.

So if you have not had a chance to see the film yet I highly recommend it. I would be damn surprised if Brie Larson doesn’t win the Oscar for Best Actress at the Academy Awards, and Jacob Tremblay…….  did i mention how great he his yet ?  Well he is !

I will be watching this movie again, as I’m sure it will be an even better experience the second time around.



Razzbender Reviews Star Wars The Force Awakens


10:00am this Wednesday morning December 16th I saw Star Wars The Force Awakens . And 17:40 pm later today I will see it again with my brothers and sisters. And I am really looking forward to seeing it again.

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Razz Reviews Jessica Jones Episode 2 AKA Crush Syndrome


NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 10: Krysten Ritter filming "Jessica Jones" on March 10, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Sands/GC Images)

So first of I have to sadly admit that I was wrong about Jessica and Trish being possibly former lovers. They are childhood friends. And although they might have practised kissing each other at some point in the fictional friendship, I doubt we’ll be seeing anything of the sort during this 13 episode series. Im bummed out about it. Let’s move on.


The episode kicks off as the aftermath of episode one is being investigated by the police. Jessica is brought in for questioning and is none to pleased about it.  The police find pictures of Luke Cage in her apartment , which they searched without a warrant, and no god damn reason at all. Im not sure why, but they see Lukes picture and immediately suspect he might be involved with the crime at hand. A gun crime. A double homicide no less.  Now I won’t speculate why the police would think that. Some picture of some random dude in a girls apartment , who herself has not committed a crime. New York’s finest, at their finest.

But despite Jessica telling them what’s what, the police still question Luke about the case. Leaving Jessica in a problematic position, having to explain why she has been taking pictures of Luke in the first place. So she does what any woman would do in her position. She lies about it. This helps little or nothing with Luke , who for reasons unknown wants very little attention brought to himself, especially from law enforcement.  He tells Jessica to back off, and leave him be.  She does.


Much of the episode is dedicated to Jessica trying to help Hope, who is now looking at murder charges for killing her parents. Jessica knows Hope was under the control of Kilgrave, and with the offering of an ” I owe you” to corporate lawyer Jeryn Hogarth, she gets her to defend Hope.  That was not the lawyer I had hoped would take the case, but anyway. The show does a great job in showing off Jessicas investigation skills. And all actors are on point throughout .

Jessica’s investigation leads her to several other victims of Kilgraves control, and the realization that if rendered unconscious by surgical anesthesia , he will lose his abilities . Although not yet being fully seen onscreen, Kilgraves presence , like in the first episode, looms over head.

The investigation takes a slight detour however when Jessica’s earlier lie to Luke Cage comes back to bite square in her perfect ass.

Telling Luke that she had pictures on him because the husband of Lukes “booty calls” hired her, prompts Luke to break off this relationship, and believing that the husband already must know about the affair, the distraught cheating wife comes clean to her RUGBY playing husband, who unsurprisingly is pretty pissed off.   He decides to take this out on Luke Cage. And he decides its best to bring his offensive line with him.  Jessica learns of this and arrives just in time to join in on a pretty wicked bar fight. In said bar fight both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage see that the other is not quite normal.

Cage later shows up at Jessica’s apartment to confront her about her abilities. And at the same time to show off his own amazing abilities using a power saw and his abdomen.  So now they both know that they are superpowered freaks.  And what happens when superpowered freaks meet ??

They get their freak on !!


I’m still enjoying the hell out of the show. There are a few minor plot points that I skipped mentioning, and I’m sure they will come back to haunt me.  On To Episode 3 !!  ( well actually 4, I already watched episode 3…..)




Razz Reviews Jessica Jones Episode One AKA LADIES NIGHT

“Knowing Its Real Means You Got To Make A Decision”

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 10: Krysten Ritter filming "Jessica Jones" on March 10, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Sands/GC Images)

Jessica Jones is finally online . My brother watched the first episode before I did , and his initial conclusion was that this series was not for him. For the life of me I don´t know why. But this is the same guy who thinks that the 1990 Captain America movie is still the best one. Chew on that.

I thought this was a fantastic first episode. Just by her eyes alone you can immediately see that Jessica Jones is a damaged woman. Krysten Ritter plays it beautifully. Full of self loathing for a past we do not yet fully understand. But rest assured, it will be revealed in the course of the next 12 episodes.

We are introduced to Jessica Jones and her chosen profession as a private investigator. She does the sleazy jobs . Standing in the dark taking pictures of men and women who go outside of their marriages to get the blowjobs they are refused at home.  We have all been there right.  Not married I mean, but I have had the ” oh I don´t want to do the blow jobs no more ” moments, and believe you me. ITS A DEAL BREAKER!

Through her work we are introduced to Carrie Ann Moss´s character Jeryn Hogarth, a high-powered corporate lawyer who on occasion supplies Jessica Jones with the jobs no one else seem to be able to do. Also she is a lesbian. A cheating lesbian as a matter of fact. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who broke a smile when her oh so seductive secretary started kissing her on the back of the neck. Im sure christians and muslim watchers alike got aroused, and then felt guilty about it. At least I hope they did. Seeing as the corporate lawyer is introduced, I am hoping that this will lead to the reintroduction of a certain blind New York lawyer . But enough about that.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 09: Actress Carrie-Anne Moss arrives for the 34th Annual People's Choice Awards - Arrivals held at Nokia Theater at L.A. Live on January 9, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Also we were introduced to Luke Cage. I never heard him introduce himself by name , but I know its POWER MAN.  The man who apparently has such a large dick, that he is afraid to use it to its full potential.  That is until he meets Jessica Jones. Who has a super powered vagina to go with her super strength.

I liked the way Cage was introduced. And the chemistry between Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter was there from the word go.  I am really looking forward to seeing the relationship play out.

images (8)

But this is a Jessica Jones series, so lets keep to that.  Why she is a self loathing , depressed alcoholic does not get revealed in full. But we do know it has to do with a mystery man named Kilgrave, who despite never being fully shown onscreen looms heavily in the entire episode. He is the villain of this piece, with powers not yet fully understood, although they do revolve around mind control.   Jessica Jones only hints at her and Kilgraves past encounter, and she has believed Kiolgrave dead and buried for almost a year.  That is until a case pops up where the parents of a missing girl asks Jessica Jones to help them find their daughter. The case leads Jessica to the realization that Kilgrave is indeed still alive, responsible for the girls disappearance  , and indeed Jessica s own involvement with the case. So terrified is Jessica Jones at the mere thought of this guy being alive, that her first instinct is to run. Then fly away !

I’m not gonna spoil the episode for anyone , but man does it end on a horrible downer.  And despite not being onscreen, the episode is a powerful introduction to the character of Kilgrave, and just what a sadistic bad guy he is. I cant wait to finally “meet” him.

I know I haven’t really mentioned that this is Marvel show or that Jessica Jones is a SUPERHERO. Thats because the first episode does a brilliant job of making you forget about all that. What she can do, how she can do it, or how she got these powers are all secondary in my opinion. I’m sure we will get to see a lot more of her powers, and a backstory explaining the how and why as the show progresses .  In conversation with  Trish Walker , a talk radio host, and possible ex-lover to Jessica Jones ( yeah, more lesbian action ) , It is implied that Kilgrave has a predilection towards “gifted” people.  

I’m gonna leave it there folks. I highly recommend you watch the show.  Daredevil had me at episode 2.  Jessica Jones had me at episode 1.



Razzie Reviews The New @MadMaxMovie. Sort of …..

«You know, hope is a mistake». That is one of Tom Hardy’s ten lines in the film. And it sums up what i thought going in to see the film. I have watched the trailers  leading up to the release of the film. A film that wrapped principal photography in December 2012 !!

One trailer after another showed a wild chase through a desert. And that is really all they showed.That and proclaiming the the director of BABE 2 : Pig in the City was a MASTERMIND.

I myself started thinking a while back that maybe that’s all there is to this film. In fact , when i posted the first full trailer for the film in the end of March  , I wrote :

“Insanity indeed. And a little indication of what little actual plot there may be to this movie, filling the gaps between the short chase in the beginning, and the LONG chase at the end.Seems BIG ALBINO is running the show. He has a harem of ladies with chastity belts , which presumably he uses to conceive more albino warriors. Mad Max has to save them, and a chase ensues which is very very very very long. The End”

“From MASTERMIND George Miller………”

Trailer Post Here

And sadly that turned out to be the truth. There is no movie here. No character arks, no plot, or point. Its a 90min chase scene , which is fun to watch for the first 20 minutes, but does indeed wear pretty thin after a while. Like I said , the movie wrapped in December 2012. So MASTERMIND has had two and a half years of post production on this chase scene. And still the CGI albinos falling,  exploding , and rolling through wrecked vehicles sticks out like a sore thumb.

I haven't got a line here either. Lets just continue the chase ok.

I haven’t got a line here either. Lets just continue the chase ok.

I could try to go deeper into the “plot”, or the world in which this is all happening, but I really don’t see the point. MASTERMIND didn’t care enough to explain it, so why should I ?  And really, I doubt MASTERMIND could explain much of it, because its so far fetched , and unbelievable that I suppose only MASTERMIND can understand. The whole “society” that “Immortan Joe” has created just reeks of stupidity . Just the insanely unpractical elevator for his vehicle  defies all logic. And the fact that gasoline is supposed to be hard to come by in this world is kind of hard to believe, since everybody seems to have gas, and nobody seems to think twice about using  200 000 gallons of it to catch a couple of breeders.  But now It seems I’m trying to make some sense of this thing, and i told myself i wasn’t going to do that.

Old Fat Guy Made to Look Badass.

Old Fat Guy Made to Look Badass.

The film has gotten some pretty great reviews. Reviews i have not bothered reading i should say. Even one of our biggest newspapers gave it a perfect 6 out of 6.   Now, a top 6  is what I might give , say, The Godfather part 2. so how this chase scene can be lumped into that category is beyond me.  As far as action vs drama i would say that James Camerons ALIENS is a near perfect action film. But there is a build up there. There is a plot. A reason why .Its not just colonial marines shooting in every direction for 90 min.  Hell, even MICHAEL BAY tries to have some kind of story, and dialog in his explosion fests.  Mad Max Fury Road has none of that.It doesn’t even try. Its just : Get to the chase scene, because that’s the film. Its just to much of a good thing. And what they have going in the vain of dialog, and scenes in between chases, when they have to stop for a minute or two are just so lackluster, that i think seriously the whole MASTERMIND moniker that George Miller has slapped on himself is a huge inside JOKE . I’m sure the entire screenplay has less words in it than this review. No joke.

I guess my expectations were a bit to high for this film. Slowly leading up to its release I started thinking that maybe the whole film was just a long long chase scene. And I then went into it hoping that it would have something else, something more. But MASTERMIND disappointed me here.  I love me some Tom Hardy, and I can say that his movie LOCKE, which is him alone in a car, talking for 90min is a FAR BETTER film than Fury Road.  In the Mad Max film series i place Fury Road dead last. Explosions does not a movie make. Anyone that has ever criticized Michael Fucking Bay movies would be a huge hypocrite if they gave this film anymore than 50% rating . A 5/10.  A 3/6  or whatever system you have for rating these things.


Thats what i give it in the end .  A 3 out of 6.  There is some spectacular action in it, but beyond that there isn’t much here. And i suppose MASTERMIND never intended there to be anything else. The “Plot” is a rip-off from his earlier films. And if you are a fan of NASCAR then you might really love Fury Road. I was disappointed. And i doubt i will ever bother watching this film again. There were two guys my age sitting next to me in the theater, and when the movie ended  one guy turned to the other and asked : “Did you fall asleep?”  .  And that just about summed it up for me. . . .

Mastermind ??  Sure, whatever.

There is only one Road Warrior, and his name is Mel!

The real deal

The real deal

Razzle Razzle

The Creepy Thin Man Reviews AVENGERS : AGE OF ULTRON!!! FACT !!!

Review by : CreepyThinMan



Just got home from seeing this and although I absolutely LOVED the first two thirds, the final act more or less completely falls apart. What I loved most about Act One was seeing The Avengers acting as a team and wasting Hydra before being mindfucked by the Scarlett Witch. This added depth to each of them as it revealed their fears and certain truths about their personalities. I don’t have any complaints about this part of the film nor did I dislike Act Two when everyone took a breather at the Barton homestead. I was worried about this from what I’ve read but it was exactly what was needed and emphasized that the Avengers are about preserving life and beautifully countered the high tech action of the beginning. People have complained about the Banner/Black Widow shipping but their moment together and the revelation that neither can have children, for me, made this development absolutely necessary. Pretty much everything that happens right up until Wanda see’s into Ultrons mind was satisfying.

But when Act Three starts it all flies apart as I started to get restless and couldn’t wait for it to finish by the end. Add to that all of the stupid shit that begins to happen and I lost interest before it was over, namely….

Korean scientist takes a shot to the chest from Ultron and survives.

I don’t care how strong Captain America is, Ultron is a huge robot and would have ripped him apart while they fight on top of the truck not to mention that Cap takes three hits of Ultrons blaster and it doesn’t seem to have much effect.

Why the Hell did Ultron take Black Widow hostage?!? What purpose did it serve beyond allowing her to reveal his whereabouts to the team?! Oh and are you telling me that Ultron was stupid enough to leave her alone with a bunch of equipment that he should have known she would use to contact the Avengers?! You might say “oh, well, he was setting a trap” but that’s bullshit because his plan would have succeeded if they hadn’t of interfered. So allowing Widow to make contact with Stark and Co. only helped to defeat Ultron.

Ultrons plan was fucking stupid. “Say, I’m going to levitate a city and drop it back to earth which will cause an extinction level event”!?! If my fucking toaster became self-aware and wanted to drive me mad by burning my fucking toast every day, THAT would have made more fucking sense that this dumb shit.

It felt like the movie was trying to rub Man of Steels nose into the sheer amount of carnage and destruction that was in that movie by having the Avengers fuck about for most of the third act with trying to evacuate civilians. This shit got tiresome and although I said The Avengers are about preserving life, I’m happy enough if they save the planet and don’t give a fuck if nameless extras get snuffed. I’ll pour them a drop of my Colt 45 in their honor and go back to smacking my baloney to Scar-jo’s fat milky preggo tits!

And after the opening action sequence at the castle, how is it that Ulton is able to set up shop in the very same castle with all of the equipment and robot bodies just left there when Stark would have had everything taken and shipped to his labs for study. Also, having the climax of the movie take place in the same city near the castle from the beginning made everything way too confined for a movie that also took in Seoul, Korea and Johannesburg, Africa.

When it comes to sequels, The Empire Strikes Back gets named dropped a lot because it’s one of the best films ever made and an example of a sequel that’s arguably superior to its predecessor. That’s not to say that Star Wars isn’t a masterpiece but sequels, like the second act of a movie, should be used to deepen and enrich the characters relationships to one another and make their struggle(s) harder to overcome which is what the third act if all about. Empire does that perfectly by flying in the face of convention. The bad guys win, the good guys barely survive and the whole thing ends on a downbeat note. But that’s fine because Empire is the second act when the story needs to become darker, more emotional and visceral as the stakes are raised.

But Age of Ultron falls into the trap of trying to outdo the first Avengers movie by delivering a gigantic climax that’s absurd, even by comic book movie standards, and also disappointing because it falls into cliché which is why I checked out before the end. I expected more from Whedon who knows how to subvert expectations and whether it was by his own design, or he was pushed into it by Marvel, I don’t care because my heart sank as I realized that the movie finally settled for convention.

But the thing that disappointed me the most was Ultron himself and the fact that the movie didn’t have anything bigger on its mind. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved the metallic psycho but in Act 3 he just becomes a generic robot who wants to destroy the world. Whedon is a big fan of James Cameron and considered Ultron his opportunity to make his own Terminator film. But there was no exploration of the concept of artificial intelligence amongst the explosions. This was one of my biggest pet peeves about the Iron Man sequels which should have been about the development of technology and its impact on the world as all great science fiction is about ideas/concepts and how they affect the human condition. But there’s been very little of that in the Iron Man movies because that gets in the way of comic book heroics.

In AoU, Scarlett Witch plays upon Starks fear of what might be coming next for the earth after the invasion of New York. And he’s absolutely right to be afraid because although Captain America is good at spouting jigonistic and rather chilling platitudes that they’ll face the next fight together and die together if need be, Stark’s much more pragmatic in knowing that they only got through their first battle by the skin of their teeth and the team won’t be much use if an alien armada appears in earth orbit and starts pelting the planet with who knows what type of weaponry never mind that after the collapse of S.H.I.E.L.D. there’s no longer a worldwide network dedicated to combat external threats. This is why he develops the Ultron program and his army of sentries.

Ultron should have been Starks attempt to create an advanced drone that could think for itself and lead in a battle since Iron Man can’t be everywhere at once and Tony’s very iffy about sparking off an armor war which is why he doesn’t share his tech with the USA or other nations. His mistake should have been to use the mind gem which made the program become self-aware. That kinda did happen but it only lead to Ultron becoming a “Murderbot” right from the start and determined to eradicate humanity.

A more interesting idea would have been for Ultron to gain life and decide that he didn’t want to be a puppet for war. What if his goal was to help the rest of the drone army evolve and this put him into conflict with Tony who sees the robots as his property designed to do a job. Then it becomes a civil rights issue as Stark argues that Ultron isn’t real because he’s a machine. This could have been used to tie The Vision into the story as Ultron tries to create a synthetic body of living tissue thus negating Tony’s argument. Age of Ultron should have been about turning Tony Stark into the bad guy because he believes he’s doing he’s right thing which would lead nicely into Civil War. There just wasn’t anything smart about the movies themes. Right from the start it’s ULTRON BAD!

Another thing that bothers me is that NO ONE DIES apart from Quicksilver and that’s ONLY because of the rights issues between Marvel and 20th Century Fox, who lent Whedon the character for his film (providing he didn’t live beyond AoU) when he could have simply created two new characters called Slipstream and The Crimson Queen and told Fox to fuck themselves. Since Marvel fucked up by not making a Black Widow movie, as they should have, they could have easily killed Natasha which would have fed perfectly into Banner leaving Earth (ala Planet Hulk) and at least given this movie a little bit of weight. Am I supposed to care about some Adidas tracksuit wearing eurotrash dye job who wears way too much fucking mascara like the metrosexual German techno club dancing faggot that he appears to be?! I don’t give a fuck about Pietro and only desire to use his big titted sisters orifices as a trashcan for my semen!

The Marvel Cinema Universe has succumbed to the law of diminishing returns at this point. I loved almost all of Phase One apart from Iron Man 2. But Phase Two has sucked fucking shit with the exception of Captain America: The Winter Soldier which was very well written and proved that you could made an intelligent comic book derived movie that also managed to throw in a bit of social commentary (as all good science fiction does) about the “War on Terror™” era we live in.

I didn’t hate Avengers: Age of Ultron. But I feel let down. The first two acts were excellent with NONE of the issues I heard people complaining about as far as I’m concerned, however, the 3D was shit since Whedon desaturated the color palette and cinematography which is another thing that got on my fucking nerves after how rich and vibrant the first film was. But the last act basically killed my overall enjoyment of this movie and will prevent me from seeing it again at the theater or buying it on Blu-ray. I’m relieved that the Russo Brothers, who Directed Cap 2, are taking over for Avengers: Infinity War as The Winter Soldier blows away Age of Ultron which didn’t stick the landing!!!FACT!!!



Edit : Sadly, the blog of CTM has disappeared . I know not why 🙁