Bad Predictions : Hell In A Cell

Oh yeah, brothers and sisters. Sunday night LIVE on the WWE Network ( $9.99) careers will be shortened , legends will be made, and fans will be disappointed. It´s Hell In A Cell !!!

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I should start off by saying that I haven’t been keeping up with Raw or Smackdown these last couple of weeks. The time in between Summerslam and The Rumble are never really that interesting to me. Still, I will endeavour to predict what I believe will be the outcomes of the match ups on the card.

Shall we begin ?


 Ziggler has been trying hard these last weeks to get heat from the crowd, and he is and always will be a better heel than a babyface IMO. But this program with Roode is nothing more than a starter for Bobby Roode after being called up from NXT. Something to ease him into the main roster. And who better than Ziggler to get him off to a good start. Ziggler is a helluva wrestler, and he can have a great match with just about anyone . If it was up to me Ziggler would win it. That would give the feud longevity , and Roode would have to chase him to get his payback . But the Payback PPV was in April, and the Cell is where feuds are ended, not started.

Prediction : Bobby Roode wins clean.



Not so long ago in a galaxy far far away *Boring* Corbin was hot shit. He was Mr Money in the Bank, and he was being pushed to high heaven. Now it seems he is the butt end of a backstage joke. I’ve never liked the guy. Not on the stick, or in the ring. AJ Styles is one of, if not the best wrestler in WWE today. So this should be an easy pick. But the fantasy booker in me is screaming that this would be a proper time to throw the fans a curveball. Everybody loves AJ. No one likes Corbin. Everybody thinks AJ is going over. But ah-ha !! Thats when WWE can put one over on us smarks. The dastardly hell steals the title from our beloved champion , setting up the chase for the title, or maybe getting AJ back into the world title picture down the road. So Im going out on a limb here folks.

Prediction : Baron Corbin wins ( by cheating or possibly by a botched attempt by Tye Dillinger to interfere  )



As a babyface tag team I never liked The Usos. As a heel team I freaking love them.And I give Gorillaz of Destiny much cred for inspiring this new incarnation of The Usos. It’s the exact opposite with regards to the New Day.As heels i never got into them. But as a face team I was all onboard.If you follow Xavier Woods youtube channel then you know these guys are all the best of friends. And that makes for great matches, because these guys ride together, play together, and they work together. The matches between them up until now has been great, and I expect this to me no exception. The fantasy booker in me would have Woods jumping from one team to another, giving him a chance to do a heel singles run, but that is wishful thinking on my part.

Prediction : The Usos become new Tag Team Champions



Im sick of Randy Orton. Plain and simple. I don´t think his heart’s in it anymore. He wants to be movie star, but no one has the heart to tell him he can’t act. Rusev needs this win bad. In fact, if he doesn’t win he might as well ask for his release before he has to job to a returning Hulk Hogan or some shit. I think Rusev is a major talent, and it’s a shame that he seems to be going nowhere. I hope this is where it turns around for him.

Prediction : Rusev wins ( Orton goes away to make a shit movie )



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Honestly . I really don´t care. I’ve never liked Natty. Charlotte is a great performer. With the recent illness to The Nature Boy ,Charlotte was away from the ring. Although I would love to see her crowned champ again, It makes ZERO sense, and would not be fair to Natty. Sometime down the line Charlotte will be champion again. But it aint this sunday. Also there is the possibility of Carmella cashing-in her money in the bank contract…..

Prediction : Natty retains



WWE became embroiled in a row after champion Jinder Mahal made several ‘racist jokes’ about  Shinsuke Nakamura ON AIR. How they let that happen is beyond me. Jinder did what he was told to do Im sure, and Nakamura I bet could care less.  That said, I doubt this will change the WWE´s plan for Mahal. I’ve been saying it for a while that the reason why the WWE title remains around Jinder Mahal’s waist is the upcoming tour of India in December. Triple H is in Mumbai right now, and an announcement about the tour should be coming any day now . So knowing all this Im not hopeful that Nakamura will win it. The title I mean.

Prediction : Nakamura wins via DQ. Jinder retains.

That said, Nakamura has to beat Jinder down the road . Dream scenario : Nakamura beats Jinder at the Royal Rumble. AJ Styles wins the Royal Rumble. Wrestlemania main event = PHENOMENAL



Shane does something crazy during the match……

Prediction: Owens wins it.

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– Razz



  • Gawd damn you Orton !!

    But 6 out of 7 ain’t bad.