Agents of SHIELD episode 3 and all the other stupid shit going on.

This weeks episode could have been titled “Filler Garbage”

One thing i kind of liked about the new season was the fact that “agent” Simmons was gone. Only a part of “agent” Fitz´s shattered mind. Now the reasons for keeping Fitz around in the state he is in totally eludes me. He should be under special care in some hospital, but hes not. Moving on.

Like i said, the fact that Simmons was gone was a good thing. Agents Fitz and Simmons were the most annoying part of season one. But it turns out Simmons is working undercover at a HYDRA research “company”.  I don´t know what to call it really. It makes very little sense. Agent Simmons has a nice little apartment which is in walking distance of the HYDRA workplace. She can  basically walk in and out whenever she wants.  Now lets imagine that HYDRA didn’t even suspect her of being a double agent. Because that is the only way this scenario works. In this same episode they are in the process of brainwashing another former SHIELD agent. This was apparently not important to do with Agent Simmons. A level 5 SHIELD agent who HYDRA, via their own double agent from season one MUST have known was loyal to Agent Coulson and SHIELD

So this whole Simmons working for HYDRA is utter nonsense, and all just very convenient for this weeks episode. Don´t even get me started on the fact that this lab were Simmons now works has a HUGE HYDRA SYMBOL on the wall, and all the people working there are wearing little HYDRA pins……  REALLY ?? This is all just too stupid.

So the episode also is about another “gifted” character from season one that no one cared about then either . Its a filler, building on a filler. I couldn’t care less really, but amazingly they even end the show by remarking what a horrible idea it is to have Simmons be a double agent. It makes no sense whatsoever . Even less sense than it did to all of a sudden have Skye acting like a bad ass SHIELD agent in episode 1 and 2 . But then shes being schooled in firearms in episode 3. ….. Whatever, nobody’s really paying much attention are they? Is she an agent or isn’t she. Little of both i guess, what ever they need her to be at that particular point in time……

Another WHO CARES element to this new season is the whole Clarice/Hannibal story they have going on between Skye and the now captured Agent Ward. Because Skye is now also the best suited interrogator on the team. Oh didn’t i mention that. Makes sense doesn’t it. As much sense as anything else does.

You have to remember also, that all this is going on after the events of Captain America 2. Actually A VERY LONG WHILE AFTER. Where is everybody? Nick Fury  is off doing what exactly? Captain America thinks that going after Bucky Barnes is a more pressing matter than going after HYDRA.

Ironman apparently can´t even be bothered with any of this because he blew up his suits at the end of Ironman 3 and walked into the sunset.And that was long before the events of Cap 2. Maria Hill is working for Tony Stark now….  doing what? Security work ? Who cares really. Even she ain’t got a care in the world that loads of superhuman villains, like the now castrated Absorbing Man are running lose, and are gathering top secret and potentially super dangerous artifacts that even Nick Fury was so scared of they just locked it away.

I guess once every episode when a new superhuman baddie is in the episode, or they have to deal with a new super dangerous artifact, they will just casually throw something like this out there :

” Oh yeah, HIM / HER / THAT  was in the CUBE, or THE SANDBOX or WHATEVER, and was released by HYDRA , OR escaped or whatever MONTHS AGO at the end of season ONE, and we just couldn’t deal with it then because it wasn’t important. BUT ITS IMPORTANT IN THIS EPISODE so lets get on it ASAP !!  Hey Skye, you are badass in this episode, go deal with it. And take Fitz with you for backup!”

And then there is the military, represented by Glenn Talbot, who is well known for his downright hate of Bruce Banner and the HULK.  He also has abandoned his hunt for the HULK ( if he ever was on it of course) because Agent Coulson and his merry men are more important. More important than catching the HULK, or even HYDRA. What is this shit ?

This all reeks to my eyes. Agents of SHIELD are dragging the MCU down.   Are we just supposed to go along with the fact that only these handful of former agents,and mercenaries  under the leadership of Phil Coulson, who isn’t telling them fuck all by the way, are the only thing that remains of the wast SHIELD organization ? That everyone else just called it a day. And that no steps has been taken, or is being taken to fill the massive void left by SHIELD to keep the United States, and the WORLD safe from HYDRA, AIM, and whatever those guys lead by Baron Von Strucker are.

I wonder how any of the Avengers are going to explain this , if they even touch upon it in Age of Ultron.  Imagine, Ironman, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Captain America meeting up in Age of Ultron.

Ironman :”Oh yeah sorry about that, i just went on vacation with Pepper”

Hawkeye : ” i missed all of this, the world darts championship was on tv… sorry”

Black Widow ” I just went into hiding , what else could i have done? “

Cap : “sorry i can´t tell you what i did, cause the script for Cap 3 isn´t even finished yet so i don´t know….”


I really really really hope that the upcoming AGENT CARTER series has more to offer than this…. And I hope that Agents of SHIELD either picks up the slack, or gets cancelled before they ruin any other good characters like The Absorbing Man