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Star Wars The Last Jedi Review

It´s been a long wait for this one. Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens left us all on a literal cliffhanger two years ago, and I’ve been dying to see the continuation of the saga. The “fear” for lack of a better word, was that this would be remake/reboot of The Empire Strikes Back. I can assure whoever is reading this that It is not.

Now, having seen Rian Johnson´s Star Wars The Last Jedi , I almost wish it had been.

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Hollywood Silly Season 2017/18

Every year around this time It starts again. The studios send out their screeners in hopes that they will get the award votes. The time I like to call Hollywood Silly Season. And each year these screener copies find their way online. And it is a happy time for cinephiles everywhere. Last year It took quite a while for the screeners to start dropping. At one point I thought they might have gotten their act together. But no, the screeners started dropping around January. Fences was the first to drop I believe. Which film will start it off this time. That Is The Big Question

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